Daly over Stephen??

I heard that Mike Daly is getting the starting reps over Courtney Stephen. What is that all about?? Don't tell me they're about to do what they did to Bomben and Kanneh.... Stephen offers way too much versatility to let him go

Source? Seems like a made up claim to me.

Daley has been good when given the chance. I have NP with either starting for us at safety. I actually wondered if Daley would be an option at SAM.

Open practice, Stephen isn’t starting… crazy!!
Daly has been good, but don’t think he should be starting over Stephen.

The backups also practice.

From what I heard in the Jones presser today, it sounds like both could play. Or are they maybe going to shift Stephen to to the corner where he played well about 3 years ago? Jones was a bit coy about it when asked. I expect that Jones will do the unpredictable from time to time which is fine - as long as it works! :smiley:

He's not going to tell the media who all the starters are. Even though teams have to release depth charts the day before the game - him telling them today who starts where would give Calgary extra time to watch film on those guys.

They only ever will tell the media a small fraction of all there is to actually know. If you want the inside scoop you need a job on the team.

Daly has a nose for the ball. He often goes for the pick. I'm glad if he's going to play more this year.

I still like Stephen over him. He’s a veteran with a lot of experience at S and CB. He has played well for us the last few years, don’t know wh Glanville would change it up (sounds like they are going to from June’s press release).

  1. In Glanville we trust !!! :wink: :slight_smile:

Daly is listed as starting over Stephen in the depth chart that was released. Maybe the plan is to rotate them in?

Or maybe Stephen will take a few plays at corner?

Stephen probably just a bit dinged up from camp. Good enough to play, but why not give Daly (who had a good camp) the start.

(in case it wasn't clear this is just a guess.)

Exactly Espo - as our all of our comments on here - just guesswork on our part. That's part of the fun of being a fan - trying to speculate on what the coaches might do in a game and Jones is new enough as HC that we really don't know just what he might have up his sleeve. :slight_smile:

I take this back. You were 100% correct.

So glad Breaux is back!!
I read an article that he’s the highest paid DB just above Stephen… makes you wonder if Stephen will get traded or even released since it looks like they are going with Daly as the starter…

This is the right decision going with Daly... time to move Stephen... bonehead plays cost the team time and time again. Taking a PI with no time on the clock against the Stamps cost us the playoffs.

Courtney Stephen was on special teams versus the Stamps. Quality Canadian depth is the key to winning the Grey Cup. Playing 2 Canadian Dbs at some time during a game may be necessary but it shouldn't hurt the team.
It is not Daly over Stephen. It is Daly and Stephen, plus they both are good special team players.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

I don’t agree. Daly has played only a handful of games - he’s not a proven starter yet. Not to mention he spent a lot of time injured. Let’s see how he holds up the next few games. I would wait until mid season to trade Stephen (at least). And let’s not blame the playoffs on him... too many losses and there were lots of missed opportunities by other players. Stephen had his best two seasons at corner, maybe they’ll think about playing him there?

I would never trade Stephen I would put Delvin Breaux on the one corner and Courtney Stephen on the other, Daly at safety at least a few mor games and see how that goes and Richard Leonard at DB...as for the other DB that's between Jumal Rolle, Frankie William's, John Green and Cariel Brooks.