Daly has to go NOW

Edm changed coaches with impacts, positive, in a couple weeks. We have NOTHING to lose. What is wrong with this organization. Is ANYONE in charge? Suitor is now going vocal on TV, radio stations here are calling for him to be gone, bloggers here have said as much for two MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!
Miller or Hopson better grow some gonads. What is Taman doing to improve the team. FIRED NOW. Nothing to lose since he's going nothing.
Adjustments need to be made and again nothing. Etcheverry's D is obviously too confusing for his players. Personally I don't think he's as smart as he thinks he is. Scott Schultz said as much this week too. Etchy, if your brilliant D means that the players need to be perfectly in sync with something you have to explain after the fact on the 3 different options that a player needs to consider at the time.... perhaps it's too complicated unless you can clone yourself. Simplify it UNTIL it starts to work. Etchy, running is important in any football league. Yet you feel you don't need to defend against it??? Suitor said as much. BRILLANT!

Again, the D is doing good enough. What world do you live in that you expect the D to pull out wins when the offense can not move the ball and only holds onto it for 20 minutes in a game. Get real buddy. The D is wiped.

I understand they are wiped. That's another issue. First half, running at will against us? If Scott Schultz is coming out in public regarding the coaching (Etcheverry specifically), I'll take his football knowledge over yours or mine a 100 times out of 100. There is more to it than being gassed. Can you explain why Kitwana Jones is taking on guys 100 pounds bigger then him on the line. You'd be gassed after 2 plays. Does it make sense ...... NO!

Hey, I have always said the Riders D line is too small. They also need to show blitz more...that would help. They only show blitz when in their BIG set...that don't work. one of every 5 or so plays at minimum must show blitz, even if you don't always actually blitz. They need Rey Williams in the lineup, and a big d-lineman to replace Jones. I like Jones, but he is too small for the line. I am not arguing that there are issues on D, but they did not lose this game, nor the last...the ineffective offense did. Schultz makes good points, but he is not the be all end all. There are serious issues in Riderville, but the D is not one of the top three. They are:
1 - Offensive play calling
2 - Special teams
3 - inability to adapt


4 - Defensive line
5 - Offensive line (I would put them higher, but they played well today)
6 - using players to their ability (ie - roll DD, play a backup when he is hurt)
7 - Lack of filling voids (GM issues...don't know if that is Taman or Miller's issue)

when my 9 year old cousin calls plays there is an issue. She has never played, and has been watching for 2 years. It was not as bad today, but last week she was often calling the Rider offensive set 3 plays in advance. That is scary.

LOL. Just watching "Remember the Titans", with my two year old. Your cousin sounds like the D coaches daughter in the movie. My two year old knows who to give thumbs up to and who to give the thumbs down to.

Okay. The D is under sized but this mobility or speed should be playing into the Etchy grand scheme. I'm just not seeing how this is all suppose to be coming together. Love to have Rey back but this dike has more leaks in it than he has fingers. What has changed from last year? 3 key players gone but 2 were replaced with quality experienced guys. Our D has been figured out. Just like the movie, D coach says "Herman, I sure could use some help". Time for Etchy to get some help, pride will lose him a GC.

Good to see the Oline show up today and a bonus to get some gaps for Cates. I didn't see much of that in the 2nd half though. Perhaps they were gassed, but reacted like veterans should.

I still think Daly has got to go.

Run, pass, punt?

As much as we want him gone now, Daley won't be let go before the end of the season. I do suspect though, that the day after their season ends, Daley will be given the pink slip.


What I hope happens next year is that Miller is moved upstairs and the new HC (which better not be Berry) would bring in his own people.

funny, I read all this stuff and I think to myself, "Jee I was saying all this before the big loss..."

maybe I actually know something?

cflisthebest...I think about 90% of the fans say it now, 75% have been saying it for 2-3 weeks, 60% for about 6 week, 40% for 3/4 of the season, and 10% from the minute these guys were signed. Unfortunately, we don't make that call.

likely to be the case.

A new article was posted on the site about the riders slump:

We have all had the chance to comment and complain about the horrible past few weeks for the riders. And it sounds like the fans have the answers to turn this team around. The players and coaches know that the team is in the pits. I will give them the rest of the year to prove themselves that they are a good team. If they don't, I sure hope there are a lot of heads on the chopping block, starting with Taman and Daley, and hopefully we can start fresh next season.

We have nobody on the team named Daly... however, Daley does need to go :wink: The special teams seem to be in a downward spiral, every week there's another big game changing play that goes against our special teams.

And he (Daley :oops:) has to go too!!!!

I think it is fair to say that we will have trouble winning the Grey Cup this year when we have such special teams problems.

I don't know if now is the time, I say wait till after the season. I think the d is getting picked apart because the offence is stuttering, too many two and outs, Doug Berry better adjust to Durants style of play or the riders will be out in the first round. If the riders could sustain drives and even score field goals it makes teams have to pass. With Durant and the offence going 2 and out all the time the d is exposed!!!!!!!!!!

It's funny that we were the last team to score a TD on their first possession. Last two games we come out guns a blazing and score TDs. Both times I'm sitting here thinking, finally we made adjustments, we learned from the loses, the coaches are doing their jobs. Then it's like we hit a brick wall or the team goes "Gee, that was easy"!
Let's go back to a slow start, make the team start to work to score and maybe that'll help their mentality? Sounds crazy but maybe this team needs a slow start.
We need to get DD out of the pocket more using his legs. Oline which was better in Edm, can't protect the pocket long enough for receivers to get open, so DD buys us more time with the roll out and keeps the defense honest by protecting against the run by DD. Our receivers have to be watching for the blitz READY to cut their patterns short. In fact assume Blitz each time so your watching for it. Unfortunately a blitz right now consists of a 3 man rush, so I don't blame the receivers in that case.

There is no way Berry is going to let Durant run until playoffs, they are just going to go with the quick release. I bet Durant doesn't even play this week. I say start Berquist and let Dinwiddie finish with either 2 or 3 quarters, so he can get comfortable.

They will probably rest some of our more important players for the last remaining games of the season, but I think our team needs as much ‘practice playoff games’ as we can get to fine tune all aspects of our game. Its sad to think about since the season is nearly finished, but we need to work on our team chemistry and mentality as much as anything else right now. And poor riders, they even have most of their fans insulting the team now… so they have to work past that too.

Pull through riderville!