Dalton Schoen makes Bomber history with 11th TD reception

WINNIPEG — Dalton Schoen has made history. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ receiver pulled in his 11th touchdown pass of the year on Friday, setting the team record for most receiving touchdowns by a rookie in a single season.

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Dalton is simply amazing! Thanks for making this an awesome season in the CFl!


Yes, danke Schoen. :grinning: :+1:

(I hope that NEVER gets old)


Dalton Schoen, our guy Dalton Schoen,
Thank you for all the joy and gains.
Picture plays, high point grabs are where the balls you meet,
First place seat, go three peat, your routes are sweet.

Apologies to Wayne.

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He’s a beauty for sure. He also has a chance, outside maybe, but a chance nonetheless to hit the #1 mark for team rookie yards. He’s only 261 yards away. To hold both records in the long and storied history of the Blue Bombers would be amazing. Go Dalton.


Congratulations Dalton!
He still technically has a chance for the All Time. 4 Games left, 7 Touchdowns. Challenging, but not impossible.
It's nice to see hard work, and enjoying the game and fans pay off for a good player and person.

Dibs, great job!
Definitely a fun poem.:+1:t2:

Rookie of the year?

Shoe in.

As the intrepid Mr. Sullivan would say, “And now, on with the Schoe(n)”.

No question, a spectacular season and special to watch as these things don't happen every year. Hard to believe that he would still be 7 TD's behind the mark David Williams set with BC.

Dalton 'Schoen how it's done!'