Dalton Bell

The 'riders have a new Quarterback in town. Ben Mauk has been released.

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And Bell, makes it onto the 46-man roster this week, rather than sitting on the Practice Roster.

ET said this on Riderville. Seahawks called Bell about practice roster after he got here. Had to add Bell to roster or lose him. Seahawks calling him back after camp is good. They must like him. ET also said this. Mauk had not recovered from shoulder operation. I have read a lot of what ET said on Riderville. I think he wants to play Durant. Miller wants to play Bishop. ET defends Miller. But I do not think he agrees with him. That is what I think reading how ET says things. He seems to like Jyles to. Says he has improved a lot. But Jyles has not played with Bishop and Durant playing. Coach Austin seemed to like Durant and Tate. ET seems to like Durant and Jyles. Miller seems to like Bishop. Riders need to find some starting qb. Right now it looks like this. None of them are good enough to be number 1 quarterback for Riders.

I think Bell is going to be a fantastic quarterback one he gets a little bit of experience. I forsee him challenging for the backup position next year (Durant will probably be gone and I don't think Jyles will be ready)

If he's Battling for backup and Durant is gone, who is the Starter next year. Bishop will be cut in the offseason. He makes in the $250,000 range and they were not going to give it to Joseph so they sure as heck better not give it to Bishop, who is no better than Nealon Greene, and we all know what Greene pulls in from footbal these days.