Dallas to host 2011 Super Bowl

It has just been announced that Dallas will get to host the Super Bowl in 2011 in a stadium currently under construction. The new stadium is scheduled to open in 2009. This is yet another example of a league granting a money generating event to a city to help off-set the cost of stadium construction.

That stadium is going to cost close to$1B. I wonder how much of this is from public funds? anyone know? My guess not much.

found the answer if this is accurate:

"In order to pay for the stadium, in November 2004, Arlington voters approved a tax increase to help Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones build the $650 million stadium in the North Texas city. Voters approved a measure that would raise the city sales tax by a half-cent, hotel occupancy tax by 2 percent, and car rental tax by 5 percent."


Those aren't huge hikes ... especially for Texans, who literally treat football as religion!!

I thought I heard that this new stadium could hold 100,000 people ... is that true?!?

(Apparently so, after reading that link ... that's nuts! btw, I didn't know Texas Stadiums was one of the most recognizable stadiums in football ... ?)

Geez, the money that the NFL has ... it really does make it seem that building a simple, 25,000 seat stadium wouldn't be THAT hard, when compared to these technological monstrosities ...

It isn't hard to build a CFL quality stadium Kev.

Look at it like this: BMO field is around 20K seats + 31 is it Luxury boxes?
Aspers proposed stadium is 120M, partially covered, 30+ boxes, 40K+ seats.
both single deck
to get a stadium for an expansion city like Quebec City or to get a functioning one in Ottawa, it does not need to be 120M.

Something like 100M should be enough to get a stadium with around 30K seat, 30 Luxury boxes, atleast minor Fan covering and a good sized concorse area.

Now scaling down to say the Min for a CFL stadium, 80M should be about it, for a 25K Seat stadium with a good sized concorse.

If need be a minor PST or City Sales tax of .5% can be put in. haha do like Montreal did and tax cigs, just don't go overbudget on the Project.

Aslong as a Roof is left out of the stadium plans everything should go smooth and another key, hire HOK sports for the stadium planning.

It's hard to compare football in the US and football in Canada. Huge population in the US where football is king, no second fiddle to hockey and owners are willing to invest because they know the NFL makes them tons of money. We are a whole different kettle of fish in Canada.

I seem to recall reading that the city of Arlington (suburb of Dallas) had agreed to contibute a maximum of $325 million when the stadium had a $650 million budget. I don’t know how much they are investing now that the budget is $1 billion.
One example of a revenue source that cities in the U.S. have that cities here don’t is sales tax (which are exclusively federal and provincial).
However, the same thing could be done in Canada with Grey Cups as is done in the U.S. with Super Bowls and All-Star Games.
Yet another example is the new Lucas Oil Stadium being built in Indianapolis. It will probably soon be awarded a Super Bowl, and has a 25-year deal to host the NCAA Final Four every 5 years starting in 2010.