Dallas News talks about SSK Roughriders

Americans generally know absolutely nothing about Canada. Heck I've got a whackload of cousins in North Dakota and they have no clue about our country other then they think it snows a lot and we love hockey.

Sorry, but while I don't see the harm in an article like this, in the big picture I think the prevailing mentality of any Americans who read the article will be along the lines of "ah gee, isn't that cute of them people that live up by the north pole, don't the watermelons freeze to their heads?".

Like I said earlier Preisst....

I'm confident the writer didn't write the article to put Regina or the CFL on the map as much as to entertain his readers. And I don 't think the OP was implying that U.S. interest in the CFL was going to take off. I think he was just drawing our attention to an interesting article. One that one wouldn't expect to read in a local Dallas newspaper. Not any different than when we read about articles involving what we perceive to be small obscure places in the U.S.

For sure the report was entertaining , but it has no direct benefit for the CFL.

We got attention. So ?

It was a positive report . So ?

Kinda reminds me of when Chris Jones went down to Memphis Corn Cobb Expo or whatever it was.

TSN had a big wing ding celebration about it.

It is like we love our league, but we need validation from the south for credibility.

Further, it is not like the negative Toronto media is going to go:

"WOW, there was a blurb in Dallas about this CFL thing. Lets get on it."

No, sorry folks. Move along, nothing to see here.

Not being negative. Just being real.

Saskatchewan fans (the largest CFL fanbase in Canada) think this article is great and it amps up Rider Pride in RiderNation and the CFL as a whole - even more. A person can travel anywhere in the globe and it's highly likely you will run into the green & white.

Its effective, even if you don't like hearing or seeing it. Face it, passion sells.

And Rogers Communications is noticing I'm sure. :wink:

Wow, you guys sure like to put yourselves on pedestals .

I guess you are right about the " anywhere in the globe " take.

I watched the AFL Grande Final from Melbourne and it was just loaded with green Rider gear.

I don't get what your problem is with any of this. It's an article written in Dallas newspaper that the OP provided for us, that would otherwise go unread. Sask fans have nothing to do with presenting this here, or pumping the post. If it doesn't meet your criteria for worthy reading then just skip over it. Why the "Nothing to see here, move on" attitude.
And please PDF us your new editors license for these forums, and what people find interesting, and to save a little redundance later on, just give us the new team you're cheering for next year in the same reply.

I always wondered how and when this phenomenon began?
It’s so readily apparent.

cool, so you agree with me.........

It’s not surprising to see a feature article about a loyal fan-base like the Saskatchewan Roughriders have in a newspaper that’s based in a football crazed state like Texas. Nice article. Thanks for posting it.

You really are extremely envious of RiderNation aren't you. Just give in to your inner feelings and join. We will have to teach you the rudimentaries of team loyalty but trust me once you understand that you will embrace us and be glad you made the decision........

Yet, few in the Bay Area have ever heard that chant before. I sometimes amuse my American friends with Oskee chant, but I always have to tell them where it actually came from.

Well the worst documented case of beer throwing came from the Hamilton fans at Ivor Wynn. Saskatoon Hilltops were there a decade or so back, when other teams actually were somewhat competitive(within 30 points at least) and Hilltops winning one of their 17 Canadian championships, before the 4 or 5 in a row they are currently on, and the riot squad was brought in and several Hamiltonians charged and convicted for their actions. These were 20 year old kids being assaulted by parents and whatevers of the Hamilton team, who were still within 60 of winning with a couple minutes left, which was a good showing for them given the talent of each team, and yet they were that rude to the visitor.

I never said anything about Sask fans.

You guys just need to make everything about yourselves.

Do not read into more then needed.

Skip over what does not meet my criteria. That is very good advice.