Dallas Cowboys' New Stadium

I tuned into the Saturday night game on TSN and they're saying it's the last one being played at Texas Stadium.

Here's an impressive looking facility:


Ya to bad Jerry Jones is sinking every last dollar he has into it, and during a severe economic crisis. Not the smartest move but i'll agree with u its gonna be one of the nicest football stadiums in the world.

When reading about that state in James Michener’s novel “Texas,” a phrase kept coming up that seemed to express how they like things done: “Texas Style.” Jerry Jones simply showed where he’s from and who he is-Texas all the way.

And this is neither a commendation nor a condemnation, just an observation.

Jones or Steinbrenner for the biggest, whatever you want to call them, in the sporting world? Toss up maybe?

Growing up in Texas I used to be a Dallas Cowboys fan, but because of Jerry Jones, I have lost all passion for them. And now, I have lost all passion for the NFL. I want to see pure football, where the players and coaches love the game more than they love money, and that is why I am now a CFL fan.

But the nonetheless, the stadium is going to be bad ass! I drove by it not too long ago, and it is ginormous! I will probably be going to a Texas Tech game there later in November.

Amazing stadium.

Pretty ironic that BYU and Oklahoma...OKLAHOMA will be the first Football game played there. What was he thinking on that one? haha