Dallas Baker, don't come back!

after that little selfish punk display with Dinwiddie he can stay in the US next spring.

far as i'm concerned he shouldn't be invited back after pulling that stupid little stunt.

you don't do what your told and you can't take some criticism.. get lost.


Just what the Riders need.. someone who thinks he is more important than the team... :roll:... but then there are quite a few of those types around... players, coaches, management...

I'm not sure I agree...Dinwiddie beaked at him the entire way across the field, embarrassing him in public, and he didn't let up once they got toward the sideline. We don't know what was said at all, or what the entire situation is, and who would have been considered to be out of line as a result.

Dinwiddie was telling him likely that he should have come back and got open so he could throw the ball.

He likely got upset at Baker possibly because Baker was beaking off and I don't think Dinwiddie embarrassed him, because he already embarrassed himself by not doing what he was supposed to.

why didn't miller step in and straighten it out? And that folks right there is why the riders are losing ! No top end leadership from a sad sack coach who can't take a firm discipline action when it needed to be done.
the players have run over this management for long enough !
Mr nice guy that the players like but secretly don't respect as a coach

...a few too many "likely"s in there to form a proper judgment about what happened and who's to blame, in my opinion...

Yea, Yea, we get it. You don't like Miller. But save yourself some respect by not going on and on with this sh it that Miller hasn't gotten the job done. And this

just devalues every other rant you've come up with, regardless if 1 or 2 out of 50 may have been somewhat accurate. I have a feeling you do lawn fertilizing on the side. . :lol: :lol:

Doesn’t take a smart man to know what he was telling him. If you truly don’t know or have any idea, well… :?

Frankly the replay shows that baker had a guy all over him and he appeared to be trying to get back. Dimwiddie over did it with his reaction. Why? Cause he knows this was his last shot at making the team and it was not going too good for him. What did Dimwiddie do the next play? He throws to Baker and it gets intercepted.

really? the replay clearly shows, and the guys even say it. that he was trying to block the DB instead of getting off him to come back.

Who cares? I hope I don't see either of them on the squad next year, anyway.

...then I'm not a man? Obviously...

No offense meant, but I'd much rather not judge until I know the words for certain rather than take the "likely"s of a faceless, nameless internet poster as my proof.

Actually my preference would be that neither would be back next year... its time to bring in some new QBs... and if Fantuz signs elsewhere, then more receivers as well...

Baker was not all at fault. He was clearly latched onto a receiver blocking.

Glad Dinwiddie had some fire in his belly and was worked up. But don’t lose it on a teammate who had very few options.

Baker could have been trying to go downfield but he and that DB was locked up. A good DB ain’t gonna just let you go free and clear.

50/50. Baker shouldnn’t have clubbed Ryan. Ryan could have handled that alot better himself.