Dallas Baker à Montréal?

Je ne sais pas si c'est un poisson d'avril, mais il semble que Dallas Baker, ancien Stellers de Pittsburgh, ait signé un contrat de 2 ans avec les Alouettes.

C'est à peu près tout ce que j'ai compris.


Il a signe un contrat de 1+1, le contrat n'a pas encore ete certifie par la ligue (possiblement que popp tente de trouver de la place sur le roster officiel). Sont but est de FAIRE UNE CARRIERE DANS LA LCF et d'amorcer une carriere d'instructeur par la suite.

Belle trouvaille, ca merite une petite traduction.


Nous aurons un surplus de receveurs/an excess of receivers; hence,11 import receivers have been signed. Tor.has signed 10,Cal.8,Edm.7,BC and Win 5,Ham. 4 and Sask.3.

Baker is not too well informed; he says that 50% of CFL players are 35 years old or more; not even 8%; the Als have only 2 players -Calvillo and Stewart- over 35. Of the 79 players-include Baker- signed, 44 or roughly 60% are younger than Baker.

Wish him well,but he will soon realize that the CFL is not the Arena football.


Who is Dallas Baker ?

Dallas Baker is a 28 years old WR;born on November 18,1982.6-3 and 206. Ran the 40 yards in 4.59 at Florida,where he played,from 2003 to 2006. 151 receptions,2,236 yards for an average of 14,8 and 21 TDs. Longest gains were in 2003 and 2005,both 42 yards.

Drafted by the Steelers, in 2007; round 7 and 227th overall. On the practice roster in 2007 and played 8 games,none as starter, in 2008; 1 reception for 6 yards. Released on May 9,2009. Played in Arena football,in 2010.

Getting back to players over 35. While a few will be 35 in 2011, presently, there are only 13 players 35 years old or more or roughly 2.5% of signed players on off-season rosters. BC and Sask have 3 each,Mtl,Win and Cal have 2 each,Tor has 1 and Ham and Edm have none each. Not 50%,as mentionned by Mr.Baker.

I doubt that he will make the Als roster.We now have 14 WR/SB.i.e. 11 imports and 3 non-imports. Will there be a trade? I still think so,but I won't put $ on it. Ha!Ha1


I think what the Als staff explained to Baker is that half the guys who make a carreer in the CFL play till they are 35 or older. He was probably wondering if it was worth his while to try the CFL at his age. It is also true that speed isn't everything. Gonna be a very competitive camp.

Competitive Camp- Yes, Yes. One would expect that our team's import receiving set would be quite stable. We really do have the best set of import receivers in the league. However. looking at the roster I found the found the club has been active at signing more imports for the receiving staff. Those includes London, Porter ,Slaughter,Dallas Baker, Rodriguez, Smith and, Lambros the only NI receiver. What gives? If a couple of these guys make the team then, who gets released? The team has to have some new ideas to sign this number of import rookies. I remember notions coming from the Alouette office that inferred that guys for this position have to be big and tall. This was after a Winnipeg game which introduced a huge 6'4 receiver- the kind that every team wants. Perhaps one of these import rookies will replace Cahoon, who, despite his small stature was superb at pass receiving. Training camp will be interesting this year and, the television of post season games should have greater interest that in past.

We saw very little of Lambros last season. He did make the TO squad as a receiver [ which is nothing to brag about ] but he is a NI with NCAA receiving experience ,who had a year ending injury after catching Cleo Lemon's first pass headed his way. His signing could be evidence that the Als staff consider a Canadian receiver as being a definite need for the team- hardly suprising news! The coming Canadian draft has to be an important one for the Als. They need one of the two P/K positions and, would benefit by selecting a Canadian receiver. One of those two Calgary receivers would solve the team's problem but I doubt their availability in the 8th pick of the first round. Interesting Draft- by all means!

You can never have too many receivers...or can you?

This bargain basement approach to filling the obvious holes in the Alouettes offence is pure PR.
Pablum for the masses
And un-befitting a two-time Grey Cup Championship team.

Starting to long for the days when we knew who was at what position?
Welcome to the new Als-gasbord
A bit of this and a bit of that
A whole lot of nothing

We need a proven...reliable running back that can receive, block and pass-protect
We need a proven kicker
We need a kick returner that doesn't sit in the basement of last years stats

Receivers we got
En masse
What else ya got?


Était-ce après la partie où Greg Carr (6'7") a fait 2 touchés faciles contre Dix?

On Tuesday,April 5,2011 the Als/Jim Popp confirmed the signing of Dallas Barker. Added were Curtis Dublanko-LB- our second round choice in 2010 draft-15th overall and import DB Ryan McFoy.

With these signings, the players on Als off-season roster amount to 81,i.e. 46 imports and 35 non-imports. According to what I know,the Als should not have more than 78 players on off-season roster. I know that some players, still on the list, could have released by the Als but not known by the fans,yet,


Je me faisais la même réflexion et je m’attendais à une annonce, mais rien n’est venu. Au chapitre de ceux dont le statut m’apparaît précaire, il y a Walls, Spencer, Fontaine, Dix, Morin-Soucy et David. Spencer, Fontaine et Morin-Soucy étant canadiens, ils demeurent théoriquement moins vulnérables, mais rien n’est acquis. David est notre seul botteur sur l’équipe présentement, mais je crois qu’il devra se battre pour garder le poste. Comme toutes les équipes semblent avoir comblé leurs besoins de ce côté, Popp pourrait le libérer jusqu’au camp d’entraînement et le reprendre à l’occasion d’autres coupures. Les risques de le perdre sont minimes, maintenant. Je crois que Dix est vraiment sur la corde raide. Ferri pourrait aussi être en sursis, mais les Alouettes vont le garder au moins jusqu’au camp.