Can't be soon enough for me....replacement should be named very soon before this football team becomes a complete joke...time to clean house...Daley will join Paopao going down the road I hope soon....apparently Rens. have already given the boot to Joe....Daley should be following soon...good riddance.. :evil:


I will start it off with ....1. Kent Austin
2. Stubler...
3. Marshal (asst. coach in Ottawa)


i like the thought of stubler. he's a defensive guy and god knows we need help there! wot bout paopao for OC??? actually, maybe not, let's get someone younger and more imaginative in there!

Do you really think that our cheap ass management is going to give Daily his walking papers with one year left on his contract, and have to pay him for it, I dont think so. They will hire a new defensive coordinator in the offseason and Daily will start the season as head coach. If the losing continues, they will probably give him till mid season before the axe falls.

if they don’t can him …the stands will be empty…did you have a good look at them in the Cal. game…also a lot of players will not return next year…we could lose Canada and Stegall for example…finally what free agent worth anything would come here knowing Daley is coaching…this organization has to admit they made an error in hiring this guy…or else look forward to another hopless year…and the decimation of this team…IF the Aspers buy the team …look for them to can …Bauer…Taman…and Daley…and a whole new start…They cannot afford to keep Daley another year…it will be a higher price to pay…keeping him… than what his lousy contract is worth… :arrow:

HOORAY!!! Let the Exile begin....I want first in line to kick Daleys grey ass out of bomber nation before we all tear his clothes and spit in his face. Congradulations with the success of making the blue and gold a big joke. The Clippers (high school) Offence can run down your pathetic excuse for a defence.

My hat goes off to Blink and Steegal. You would think they would play for a winning team instead of a winning crowd. Where would we be without them? And why do they keep coming back since after 2001 its been a never ending downward spiral. Thats so loyal. Just how worse can we get. Is it even possible we can aim for 3 wins next seaon.

Just blowing lots of steam.

We should start a Save Our Bombers fund....S.O.B....I like the sounds of that.

Daley & Taman both need to be canned. Daley may be a good assistant coach, but not as a head man. He had that one lucky run with Sask in 1997, but has been disasterous otherwise. Has he ever head coached a winning record anywhere? He needed to kick the behind of some players at times this year which he did no want to do. Dave Ritchie may have run out his welcome last year, but Daley should not have been the replacement during the off-season.

Taman maybe even deserves more blame for this sad sack outfit this year. He gambled away so many Canadian draft picks and roster players over the years and it has come back to haunt the team. I can see doing this in 2001 & 2002, maybe even 2003 when the team was a real contender and just needed a final piece to win the GC, but not the past 2 years. You don’t “rebuild” giving away draft picks and Canuck starters, although dumping Kamau Petersen was his one good trade this year!

I say lock up Eric Tillman for GM ASAP before the Glieb’s in Ottawa entice him.

ok Joe Paopao or Danny Berrit

Besides All the Players that Taman's gone through, how many Coaches have been recycled? Ritchie, Daley, ???? Taman's got to go to. Get a good GM and let him pick his head coach.

ya true enough some bad calls by taman in the past 2 years, man this team just c an;t find anybody good can they?

how can a GM be fired?


The Team President and or Owners.....

Let's all remeber that the bombers are a publicy owned team, if we pressure them enough we will get rid of taman

well lets do it