Just saw it on TSN, Daley is gone.

Good riddance I say! Taman should be next. Bring in Eric Tillman.


LE'S PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND HAVE AN E-SHOT CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



....now to get a head-coach who can straighten out the mess this team is in....Creehan.....Austin......Marshal....wil be applicants...Kent Austin has already expressed interest...but nothing will be finalized... Im sure ...till the season is over... :slight_smile: :slight_smile: what a relief....

YES.........................and dont let the door hit you in the ass on the way out...

Taman should be the next one to go.

Good luck you guys!


Oh yeah Daley is gone!!! BB in 06!!!

CONGA TIME BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah but Taman and Bauer are still there. They made the decisions on Daley. When are they going???

Thanks sportsmen. Good luck with your team too!

I know a few people that work in the Bomber office, and the ultimatum to fire Daley came down from Bauer. Taman was told to fire Daley, or it was him that went, and then Daley.

Anyone for a Wild Samoan?

those poor bloody Somoanians, having there country divided by imperialism.

Sounds like Taman days are almost numbered as well.

na na na na na na na na Hey Hey Hey GOODBYE!

see ya!!!!! finally - some action, let's see what happens next.

Can anyone tell me why all the problems seem to stop at Taman. Has not Bauer been in charge for the last 5 or so years. It was a winning team built by Ritchie that made the money that Bauer got credit for. Then Bauer fights with Ritchie and plays head games with Taman/Richie and the team goes into the toilet. Like him or not Richie did win a few games as a coach. Bauer o'k'd Taman and Daley. Bauer's got to pay the price too.

Thank God! ...I don't know why they decided to fire him now?.. why did they wait so long? i bet anyone coulda done better than him. Anyways hopefully these GM of ours does alot of changes ALOT. We better be spendin on some big name players here in the free agency coming up. If not, will prolly be right where we are now

With Bauer and Taman there, they ain't going to spend any money on name players. Maybe a qb but will trade Canada, Walls or that kind of player to get him. With those two running the show, Blue will finish last again and again and again. They gotta go.

i agree with blueAB. i think they will get like 1 named player.... then trade one of our really good young players to get more.

yep - bring in the brooms and clean house!!! if we're gonna start over, might as well start from the top and work down, but who's gonna pull the trigger??? in a community based scenario like the 'peg, who does Bauer answer to - a volunteer board? in short, who decides whether or not Bauer stays or goes???

good question.... players?