Many reasons, but the most obvious is the QB mess. Michna and or Wynn should have been the starters from game 1.

i bet he will be the 1st coach fired...or can they afford it?.....lmao jk fire him! :wink:

forsure he needs to go, will management step up and axe him or what… if daley is right and this rebuilding will be a long process then we might as well get a coach that knows what he’s doing

no kidding,but i really dont think he will get fired…

i have my doubts about him being fired also, but we can always hope!

hope is good!

Hope, at this point in the season is all we have.

lol! no kidding, we suck!

Jim Daley needs a new brain… This just sucks. But who really cares now when your team is 1-6 and stuck with a brainwashed coach. I’ll still be cheering for the Bombers for sure no matter what, but if Tee Martin plays, I hope he just keeps on getting picked and the recievers drop the ball on purpose on him to get rid of him. Like I said from the get go I don’t like Tee Martin and seeing him come in the game made me pissed off just like probably every other Blue and Gold bomber fan. Atleast, Michna looked good even if the game was out of hands. Also, if Tee Martin plays come this Saturday, I hope he plays horrible like he has been doing and make sure that Daley understands, he can’t play in the CFL. There should be a petition for every bomber fan to sign, who doesn’t want Tee Martin playing and I’m sure every bomber fan will sign the paper.

You may be right about Daley but I have to disagree with BleedBlue&Gold about his performance. Given the players he has I think He's done as good a job as could be expected. I think the fault lies with Brendan Taman. Taman had one good year recruiting in 2000 where he set the stage for that Grey Cup run. Since then we've seen more quality talent leave than come in.

In the years since 2001 the O-line has gone from competant to shambles. The receivers (aside from Stegal) are hopeless. For every player of quality that comes in, two leave. Daley deserves the same chance to succeed as Taman has had. Too bad though that It's the coaching staff that gets roasted.

What if Hamilton goes 1-17 again...Could Marshall beat out Daley?

What if Saskatchewan continues its downward slide...Is Barrett Safe?

Daley was hired to "Rebuild" if I remember the newspaper clippings. Winnipeg might have more patience than we think. Perhaps it should be Brendan Taman that should be fired.

I would have to agree with Sportsman, the Bombers were picked to finish dead last and only win a handful of games this season. Expectations were much higher in both Sask and Hammer. Changes will come in those two organizations if the losing continues before Wpg.

the natives look like they are getting pretty restless in Ham.....Sask......and the Peg.......but I would have to say someone or somebodys will go before Daley.... :shock:

all those people asking Daley to be fired - who would you want to replace him? I do agree Daley messed up with the QBs especially Tee. Let's hope he starts Michna and maybe things will turn around for the bombers. Can we all give Daley a second chance?

It's a tough call between Winnepeg and Sask who loses their coach first.

…Barrett isn’t even close to being in the hot seat…the hotest his seat will be is if he ate some beans…you can’t blame a coach for trying to patch together a team with the extent of injuires the riders have…him and Ol’ Roy are too close…Daley has made some bad coaching decisions on his QB selections, but has the sympathy of the front office as this is a re-building year…

Agreed - I've heard little, if anything, in the way of "remove Barrett" rumblings around here. There's more talk of Crandell starting than of Barrett leaving, from what I hear.

Hmm maybe we need to start a poll...who will be fired first!

......no, no, no, no.....what we really need is a thread about the next CFL expansion team........

"Nurse Ratchet !... Nurse Ratchet !... RedandWhite needs his medicine... Double dose !"

Here in Hamilton there really isn't any pressure to replace Marshall, except from some people in the local media. People have problems with offensive co-ordinator Jamie Baressi, with QB Danny McManus (what else is new?), with backup Marcus Brady, with high-priced import receiver Chris Brazzell (who's been playing like he's wearing oven mitts, and has now been traded for a cheaper Canadian receiver with similar struggles), and with Ron Lancaster (who's GM job has now been split into two, allowing him to focus on the football side while the business side is handled by Rob Katz.) Even those people who are getting upset with Marshall aren't calling for him to be fired, but rather for him to make changes.

I think Marshall will be here for at least a few years. I have confidence he will turn things around this year, continue building on the team next year, and will be here for a long, long time.