Daley sharpening the AX!!

I have to laugh at Daley’s moments…
“We want to wish Dave Mudge all the best with his new team,â€? Bombers coach Jim Daley said. “Hopefully he will continue his very successful career with the Alouettes. He has been a quality person and player for this organization.â€?..you’re trading him because?..

Haha, yeah that’s precisely what I and many others on this forum have been going on about. He tells people what they want to hear, then turns around and tells everybody he’s a straight shooter. Give me a break.

Message sent, what have you done for me lately, hopefully the rest of the vets receive it and pick up their play.

The BB’s made an excellent trade.

Tonight we find out…

Watch an offensive lineman or two go down to injury then trade someone to get Mudge back.

Management in the 'peg has had trouble getting things to go their way this year…

if you didnt notice, even if their free agents we never take back people we trade cough cough KJ cough cough

I’m watching the game from commonwealth on TSN. This may come across as a tad premature. However, I’m sounding off on some positive rienforcement based on the BB’s first half performance.

Everything I’ve seen indicated progress.

Daley seems more intense.
The defense is playing very solid.
McGarity has shown up finally.
The O-Line deserves a giant thumbs-up sticker.
Tee Martin really impresses me in his mobility.

ummm yup…a little preme…I’m listening to the post game on the radio and Daley is STILL preaching the rebuilding crap…of crying out loud…your offence SUCKS>>>>>>>make some changes…TEE has had his chance…time for the other QBs to have a chance under fire i.e game play…

I agree with SectionT in this debate, this rebuilding sh*t is a cop out, Daley has to be FIRED, his philosophy is useless, TEE MARTIN, sit down and make room for another QB to steal the spotlight, cause you have not proven anything in three starts

am i the only one who thinks tee should stay?? :oops: :shock: , well i just dont think wynn would do much better… :? ( ahh i can feel people just wanting to yell at me) if youre gonna take out tee put in michna!

btw , i know said get rid of tee before, i changed my mind… :expressionless:

k84…at least in the fourth Daley has to rotate in another QB…this game would be a tough one to do it with the close game but…I just dont’ know…I don’t agree with What Daley is doing…

He (Daly) is really sticking with the kid T. I have always thought Daly was a pretty good judge of talent, I just figured it out now that the rebuilding is actually being done on Martin, not the entire team. I think Daly really believes that T is going to be a great qb once they finish working on him.

yeah daley truly believes in Tee

tee, while he may be improving still looked awful. he may have had five decent passes all night. most were way off. luckily some receivers stepped up and decided to run after these brutal passes. tee may have potential and may end up great but now he stinks. for a while during that game i was noticing that he was looking more comfortable and thought that was a good sign but if he gets comfortable that his position is secure even when he plays absolutely brutal that is not okay with me. you want him in for three quarters fine but when he has shown he can’t do anything in 3 and the game is still close put in anyone else. heck throw in miller, he likely wouldn;t do any worse.

seriously… wynn has experience and i would have thrown him in myself, but michna would be fine with me. even stallworth never looked as bad as tee has looked. this reminds me of the days with sammy garza.

Tee is very conservative,and so is daily…perect match…wynn is a gunslinger and he would of forced the issue in the 4th quarter by trying to read more down field recievers,just might of worked Edmonton was on the ropes

if daley continues like this i think he may be sharpening the axe for his own execution.