Daley Post Game

Wow, did you hear how peeved off Daley was with Bob in the post game show, I thought Daley was going to pick up a chair and smack Bob with it...btw did you notice on the biggest night of the GREATEST TD MAKING MACHINE IN CFL HISTORY, MR MILT STEGALL, that he was invisible, now if that aint sending a message, then you need to have your hearing tested......

when you're about to get shown the door, get on the offensive....probably why he got a little excited with Irving.....hit a raw nerve I guess....as far as a replacement for Daley, we should be seriously thinking about that now.... :!:

Yup, Daley needs to see the door. I really don't think Bauer is going to look to favourably on getting beat by the Riders in front of a sell out crowd. The rebuiding, overhauling excuse is just not cutting it any more.