Daley is next

Jim Daley's time has expired as a coach. He has never proven him self worthy to be in this League in the 20 years he has spent through out the CFL. Coach Miller is a smart man but I have to question him on why he would hire a coach that is of CIS caliber. When we had Daley here in the 90's as a special team coach we weren't very good then as a head coach . Miller should have kept Alex Smith as special team coach. Watching our special team makes me feel like Bill Murray in GROUND HOG DAY !

I really do not understand how you can play 14 games with the lack of proper blocking on punt/kick returns and then allow teams to do the things they do?

it's just very unacceptable as professionals.

In the postgame call in show, a fellow who is on the military made a valid point. I see him at TC and practices, and he rarely misses. He is astute and football knowledgeable. He said a "yeller" for a leader or coach never is successful, and that Daley constantly yells, and the players just tune him out and don't respect him. Last night on the sidelines he tore a strip out of Jerrell Freeman in front of everyone, right beside Miller, and Miller did not intervene.
This is my exact feelings about Daley. His lack of ability is compensated by his outward manner of screaming. I respect Mike McCullough defending Daley by saying he and STs did not lose the game. BUT, when in 14 season games, STs stink consistently, you have to look at the positional coaching. Miller is loyal to a fault, and won't fire Daley. But in every day life, if a person fails miserably in a job, does he not get fired. The argument that it is too late in the season to fire Daley is BS.
This did not cost us the game, but it may well be the downfall in our season. And when Michael Ball states publicly that ST coach O'Shea says "they are bailing out early" (on punt cover) "so lets try a fake punt again" it proves to me that O'Shea (a first year ST coach) outsmarted our ST coach of 20 years experience!!!!!!!!

stan, I believe you also called into the post-game show? If I am correct about that, I was waiting for(and expecting) you to say something about the special teams coaching...and to my surprise you did not! Why didn't you? I know it has been a sore point for you throughout, and assuming you still feel this way after yesterday's game, I am rather surprised that when you had an opportunity to comment, you did not take it. By the way, I do think that there was one element of special team play that was very good yesterday, and that was coverage on returned punts--until, that is, the exceptional elements of the fourth quarter Argonaut trick plays (prior to that, both Black and Forde commented on how effectively Owens had been contained by the 'Riders...)

GDD: That was not me who called in, but someone else using the same name. I was driving back to Saskatoon at the time and was alone, and my speaker phone was not working. Believe me, I feel STs will be our downfall, and I honestly feel that Calgary will win the GC. Sat. night I was more upset by the two offensive import tackles play, particularly Goodspeed who I focused on. He was absolutely horrible.
But the thing that concerns me more is next year, with Taman as GM. I predicted that it would be in year two that everything that Tillman did to build our team would be lost with Taman as GM. Consider this: If Geno M. retires, and possibly Jeremy O'D. does, we are left with only Best, Parenteau, and Hutchins. We traded away Jonathan St. Pierre for a player we did not need. And I doubt that Barron Simpson will be good enough to be our Mac. So with Brendans' history of aquiring old players who other teams discard,because they do not feel they are worth keeping, and with Cates on the slippery downslope of his career, why should I hold much optimism? Miller will probably retire, Berry could possibly be our next HC, and God forbid, Daley could still be here. And while this may be inevitable, Tillman will build the Eskimos with (1) good Canadians (2) strong kicking game and (3) great depth for the present and the future. We will have Taman with his napkins. And Joe Womak will probably be hired by ET.
Now isn't this a bright future for the Riders?

No one’s going to mistake you for an optimist :lol:

Daley is incompetent. What is worse is we do not have any accountability on our team.

Miller is in denial and says that ST's was not our problem.

Daley needs to be canned and either replaced with Smith until season's end or
see if McCullough is ready to begin his coaching career.

In either case we do need to do something.

O'Shea and Barker outcoached Miller, Daley and made us look foolish.

Unfortunately, I think Stan hit it right on the head.

I was horrified when they hired Taman, and I see nothing to change my opinion. We are looking at the 80s-90s all over again.


In all honesty, who would have expected a team to fake on their own goal line? I am not trying to defend anybody, but that was a ballsy call that just happened to work. I doubt the Argos will do that again this season. The second fake was on third and short. More often than not that play will work on any team. Punts are a tricky thing. You dont want to bring everybody every time because then you get no return. You dont want to drop back and block every time, because then teams will fake on you.

I don't think Daley is completely to blame for that loss. Last year the special teams were not very good with Kavis Reed running them.

However, I do think that they showed the team that players will be held accountable with thh release of Rodriguez and the placement of Dorsey on the Injured list. That being said I feel something needs to be done in order to make sure things don't get any worse.

Stan you nailed it, everyone needs to wake up the "new riders" don like to make changes to a winning team lets remember a good chunk of cfl teams suck this year thats one reason why our record looks so good. Tamen has already done un repareable dammage to this team which will take years to fix I think the 80s and 90s are just around the cornor. These questions need to be delt with unbeleiveable tallent on this team that is just disapearing every day

Reeve sucked, Daly sucks.... Not sure what the answer is? I suggest we push a pile of money to get Austin away from Cornell and look to replace Taman with ..... ah..... Wally Buono (he's got to be retiring) or Miller (?). Good I wish we could get Austin as a guest coach once in awhile to help our staff out with schemes and offensive plays. I still have faith in the team but there are obvious areas that need improvements. Next week is a HUGE test of where this team is at just before the play-offs.

Our special teams were not very good last year, at least not until we brought in Jason Armstead and that seemed to instantly correct the return issue. I feel our special teams this year are worse than last year pre Armstead, we've had far too many punts and field goals blocked, we've had 2 missed field goals returned against us, all to go along with probably the worst starting field position in the league due to our returns. The refusal to kick a field goal to win almost cost us a game as well.

Every team is going to make a few mistakes on special teams, usually more-so in the beginning of the season than in the latter stages, but I haven't really seen much improvement as the year has gone along. Last year we were horrific to start (and to end :frowning: ) but you saw steady improvement as the year went along.

No one is blaming STs ONLY for the loss. Miller is in denial. Daley is on La La Land. Against the Argos the Oline stunk. And there was no running game.
In the past 11 games, Cates has averaged 49.9 yards. This in NOT a knock on Wes. Berry has to take some of the blame for poor running schemes and lack of touches for Wes. The hoggies take a huge part of the blame. The game plans are not balanced re running and passing. And Miller seems to never over rule Berry.
And Legalbeagle, just FYI I still hope we win the GC and will always be a diehard Rider fan. But I have the balls to express my opinion and if I feel we are being outcoached, I'll say that. If you think I'm a pessimist, that's OK cause frankly I don't give a damn!

Oh, I don’t mind - go ahead and bitch away. I was only ribbin’ ya (that’s what the smiley was supposed to indicate).

To me, it’s just a game and I keep that in perspective. Others are free to make it more than that.

Rider Rumblings has some comments today from Daly on the problem with ST. Until specifically asked later on in the interview, he doesn't accept any responsibility? Usually coaches takes the heat honorably first then the ***t flows down hill. The only coach lately on the side line that I've seen constantly in Millers ear is Daly. Watch the coaches during the missed punt forces OT. Before Daly is all over Miller. After the miss no coaches around Miller. Once we win, there is Daly again with Miller. I honestly don't know what to think about the guy. The fact that Edmonton let him go, can't be good.

Daley was senile before he got here. Last year with him ranting and raving on the sideline in Edmonton I thought that he was done for and should head off to the old coaches home. Then the Riders go ahead and sign him in what I would call the most puzzling move I have seen this organization make in a long time. Daley should not last out the season but should he do so they had better be looking for a young creative coach to come in and take his place next year. Our team has been floundering around too long this year with the rest of the team having to pick up the pieces because of the lack of special teams play which is not due to a lack of talent, ablility or drive but solely due to bad coaching.