Daley Is A Winner

According to his bio on the Bomber home page, quote, In short, Daley is a winner. Along with his knowledge, he brings a tremendous work ethic and intensity to the Big Blue coaching staff.

So lets examine the winners past:

1994 - Defensive Co of the Riders, the team goes from 11 - 7 to 6 - 12 in 1995 and has the 5th ranked defense in the league. In 1996 Jim is named Head Coach of the Riders who go 5 - 13, then 8 - 10 and 5 - 13 again with the defense ranked 7th in the league before he is canned.

2000 - Defensive Co. and Asst Head Coach of the Stamps, they go from 12 - 5 - 1 and the 3rd ranked defense in the league to 8 - 10 in 2001, 6 - 12 in 2002 and 5 - 13 in 2003 again with the 7th ranked defense in the league.

Anyone see a pattern here and I dont mean winner.......LOSER is the word that comes to mind......everything he tears apart turns out crap.........how could our organization have thought that this guy would be an improvement over Dave Ritchie (look at the job he has done with the D in BC this year)

Sorry, this post has no other purpose but to debunk the winner title this LOSER professes in his bio.

What did he win?

4 big wins with the Bombers (so far).... Something to be proud about.

Daley is a winner..... Hahaha.

the bombers don't learn from poor histories. we thought rl jr would be a good oc even though he showed no ability in hamilton. thankfully he only lasted one year. hopefully the same will be said for daley.

......28...-and....51...is that a great won/ loss record. :?: .....well that's Daley's .....heaven help us if he is left on the bench for another season...I can see us going through another Rienbold era.....yikes...haven't we taken enough punishment....word today is we have traded Ricky Bell's rights to Montreal....the ALS should get better defensively right away....while we receive a DB. and special teams player Folk....another work in progress and he is Canadian....but not ready for prime-time CFL.....OH WELL.... :roll:

better to have a special teamer than nothing. and that is what bell was doing for us. i say good trade by taman. we were losin gbell in the ofseason anyways to free agency

Any experience Can probly do good for us. Like come on we got a head coach that has torn this good team apart and destroyed what we had left. I do see another rienbold era unfortuantly. I think we should sign a petition and get daley out of that spot so we can start winning again. Now wouldn;t that be good front page news. Bombers fan unite to fire head coach. I can see it now.

I have been saying get rid of DAley on any post I can since day one. HE JUST IS NOT HEAD COACH MATERIAL......special teams ONLY.....

Yeah, Daley's got to go, but also the jerk who's telling KG to pass on 2nd and short and 3rd and short.

You just never know, Daily might keep his job. Tamon will return next year, and together they have built.....the best Football team in the Country...or maybe they will be sent down the road kicking stones...me think's one of them will be kicking stones, and it's not Tamon.

For god sakes fire the guy already and be done with it.

if it was up to me i would have fired him on the aniversary of the firing of dave ritchie. make it a tradition