Daley announces resignation


This news is so joyous, I think it should be shared with all CFL fans. :smiley:

Jim Daley is gone! WHOOOOOOOO!!! Now, if it's not too much trouble, perhaps management can hire a competent DC. :wink:

Well Stubler is coaching his hometown high School and Leroy Blugh is head Coach and D-line coach for Bishop's either would do well IMHO.

Yes, either would be great I would think.

That clicking you hear is the sound of Chief tap dancing on a table. :lol:

There must be more candidates than those two that you guys can think of. What about promoting from within? I don't really know anything about your DB coach Stacey Hairston other than what I read about him at the Esks website. Could he be a candidate?

Speaking of the Esks website, Daley is already gone from the Football Operations section of the site. Talk about fast updating. :lol:

If only they moved that fast removing Danny M. :frowning:


I'll wager he ends up in Toronto.

Theyโ€™ve been through enough, they donโ€™t need to be punished further.

Ritchie Hall should do it

I hope Jim can get whatever personal issues forced him to resign straightened out. That being said, this is nothing but good news for the Eskimos from a football standpoint. Daley's defense was brutal. If anyone deserved to be fired midseason, it was Daley, not Worman. Hopefully Hall will be a bit more objective when assessing the performance of Daley's replacement. I know Hall used to play for Jim and there's a respect there, but football is a business.

....the article said he resigned 'for family reasons'.....

...."Grandpa, you suck as a football coach"....

ok, that was funny! :lol:

Any truth to MY rumour that he is going to Toronto? :lol: :lol:

Now this is interesting. It looks like Hall is going to be the HC and the DC...


Big Mistake.

HUGE MISTAKE FOR RICHIE to be hc &dc huge commitment just being the HC trying to man the ship on the field not to mention the behind the scenes now to add DC duties to his plate yikes
he was nown here in sask for many years as our DC to put up some very good D's
all I can see from this is fall guy at the end of 2010 if the esks have another so so season
why wouldn't they just hire a new guy and perhaps just have richie tightin the reins a bit on what his assist'nt staff is doing

Who would they hire? I don't know if I'm all that thrilled with the move, either, but in all honesty, I couldn't name a single DC I'd like to have...

That idea worked so well in Toronto this year with Andrus as HC and OC!!!

They should have at least interviewed candidates. This might have been the time to take a look at the current crop of defensive position coaches and elevate someone worthy. Hiring Hall into the DC position out of hand is not due diligence. There are plenty of good football minds across the CFL who'll never get the experience if they don't get the opportunity. Also, Rich Stubler is still unemployed and would have certainly been a viable option.

The difference here is Richie Hall has plenty of CFL experience, and he created a great defence in Saskatchewan. So you can't really compare the two situations.