Daley announces resignation


One coordinator down, one more to go...

'Scuse me while I dance a quick jig! :rockin:

Well i am happy at the moment, good ridens.. Lets PRAY that we sign someone who knows how to scheme, and run a defense, unless Hall takes over HC and DC... that wouldnt be too bad, our defense would get better but we still wont throw challenge flags hahahahahaha

I thought this thread was going to be a cruel joke to get my hopes up, instead it's good news for the Esks. You nailed it Chief, 1 more to go!

They're saying Daley stepped down for personal reason. Whatever the reason, I'm glad he's gone, and I hope to Christ Hall does a better job hiring the next DC.

Check out this article on the homepage. Hall goes on and on about what a good person Daley is.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/daley-cites-family-reasons-for-departure]http://www.cfl.ca/article/daley-cites-f ... -departure[/url]

A while back someone said Hall's reasons for hiring Daley were personal instead of professional, and after reading that article, I agree. He didn't hire Daley because he's a good DC. He hired Daley because he feels some sort of misplaced loyalty to Daley because the man gave him his first big break. That's not why you hire someone. :roll:

Poor judgment by Hall... again.

It looks like Hall is going to take up the DC duties. I'm sort of on the fence. On the one hand, I'm happy to finally have a competent DC. On the other hand, I'm hoping being the HC and DC won't have a negative impact on the overall coaching.


I agree with you Cheif, i love how Hall will be a great D coach, but i am curious to how overall the esks will come out in the 1st quarter of next season, but do we have anymore options? i couldnt name you a good defensive or head coach that we could hire

You Honestly think Hall didn't play a part in this defence ? If Hall thinks he can be HC and D-Cord he's dreaming . I honestly think he would be lucky to hold on to the Job he has now , was it just a few months ago we were calling for this mans head?
Daley is gone now only 2 more to go (Hall, Machocha) lets get some fresh Blood in here we've been mediocre for too many years now under this group . time for a new direction.

No, I think only a small, small minority were calling for his head. I know I criticized him for some of the things he did (or didn't do), but overall, I wasn't ready to kick him to the curb. I'd rather the Eskimos not become the Bombers. I'm willing to give him another 6-9 games to see what he can do as a second year HC.

The guys I want gone are Daley and Strasser. So far one is gone.

honestly guys, weve been calling for fresh blood for forever, and weve gotten too much of it if you ask me, the coachs are ALWAYS changing, i think we need this shit to gel together, give hall another year and perhaps half of the year after if the team does good this year to decide what the hell we need to do... and honestly, we need to keep at least 90% of the same players we had last year, changing crap up every season is a recipe for disaster, you need to let things mend and gel together for a good year or two be4 you go abouts changing everything

I do not think coach Hall or Strasser were behind the issues last year. I believe we got rid of Daley and Worman because neither could relate to his players and teach them how to play their system. Strasser, Hall, Walker, and Thorpe will have us ready and rolling by the end of Training Camp. I expect once we lock up Byron Parker and Skyler Green to long term contracts and have a full TC with Strasser all CFL teams will have a very hard time trying to defend against us in 2010.


"I should have been able to tell pretty early on if I was really looking that the climb would be uphill. I sustained an achilles injury the first day of training camp that got progressively worse as I played on it throughout the year until the last 4 or 5 weeks of the season where the 50% the I was practicing and playing on each week was elevated to about 60%. It’s easy to take simple things like the ability to bear weight on both feet fairly equally, and strike while running off of each foot for granted until you find yourself with only one working foot in the middle of a professional training camp - fresh off of the best year of your career. Anyways, I’ve played through injuries in the past - broken ribs, broken thumbs/fingers, hamstring pulls, meniscus, mcl tears, turf toe etc. but this was by far the most difficult."

"I’ve never had a coach make a personal vendetta against me known to me before, especially without reason, so this season was the first for that. Needless to say, when that coach is the one responsible for putting me into positions of success or failure and this disdain is made known mid training camp...things were definitely looking grim from the gates. While I don’t see the point in beating a dead horse, I’ve seen so much in this game from so many coaches, some stellar and some not-so - I’d be remiss if I didn’t express how disconcerting it is as a player when you put in so much offseason work only to come into camp and deal with that level of unprofessionalism from any coach especially from one you’ve worked with years and never had any problem with - it really is quite a helpless feeling. That being said, I convinced myself that nothing positive could come from making a scene so I met with him and let him know that regardless of opinion of me personally, I would do what was asked of me to the best of my ability, and that’s exactly what I did. What was asked of me ended up being much less in the way of ball catching and play making as the two previous years, it involved more clearing out, blitz pick up, and point of attack picks and blocks, which I did to the best of my ability. I’m a professional, and as most anyone knows...you don’t need to see eye to eye with your manager in order to get your job done.

That particular situation seemed to work itself out through what my mother would call karma, and I commend the powers that be for doing what was needed. I’ve said from the beginning that coach Strasser is the best choice, and I stand by that. The move still left me in a spot however because now I was left needing to show a new offensive coordinator what I was capable of...while still on one leg and no relief in sight. Hindsight being 20/20, I still don’t know what I would do differently to perhaps make this year better for me. While sitting out and letting the injury heal may have kept me from misrepresenting myself, it really wouldn’t be true to my character. I would have really, really liked to handle the situation with the coach more directly as I’m just not passive by nature, I feel those situations are best confronted swiftly and concisely - I just didn’t think that any good would come of it. That’s enough about that though, lets just sum up by saying that 2009 was an extremely tough year...start to finish."

This is why I believe Worman was fired when he was causing friction between players and becoming a cancer in the Locker Room.

That's an interesting article, Dan. It's news to me. I remember scratching my head when Rick Worman was fired. It didn't seem to make any sense as the offence seemed to be doing OK. It was the defence that was struggling. I suppose if there were issues in the lockerroom, then it was good to let him go. Unfortunate, but what are you going to do? I'm still not sold on Strasser, but I guess I'll have to tolerate him next season, just like I tolerated Danny M. as head coach in 2008.

It's interesting that Peterson was fighting through an injury throughout most of the season. I thought it was odd that he'd have such a bad season after giving us two good seasons. I guess that explains it. Hopefully he'll be healthy next season (I don't see why he wouldn't be).

And on the subject of Skyler Greene... does anyone know what's happening with Tristan Jackson? :expressionless: