Dales vs O'Mahoney

I heard Dales on the radio last night and he was all class.Guess he won some kicking camp in the States.Sounds like he can't wait for training camp to start so he can take Duncan out early...hopefully Eric only negotiates for Dales because I want him on our team.Duncan is just a head case anyway.I personally think Dales would look better in green.Luca and Burke would make a deadly combo!! Good luck Duncan(hahahaha)

I think O'Mahony is only there to push Dales a bit ... I'll be shocked if he knocks of Dales! And I hope he doesn't ...

The only thing O'Mahoney could beat Dales at would be how many flights he could miss.

Dales should beat Mahoney easily. Duncan can come back out here and join the Tree huggers smoking their reefers and protesting the Olympics!

To late I think he is doing just that. If the Stamps are doing this to push Dales it is a bad joke really. Dales is a class player and has done his job well. O'missy will end up in Ridervile. :lol:

Im not sure why the hate on Mahoney. The guy
did help us win a cup.....i say may the best
kicker win.

For the record i see it being a close battle.