Dales up for academy award.

I hope that the refs take note of Burke Dales comments about faking injury to get a penalty and then laughing about getting away with it. I thought Football players were supposed to be tougher than Russian hockey wimps. The refs should make a note of it and the next time he gets hit it should be a freeby.

Did the other player not make contact with him! I guess then regardless what Dales did the penalty should apply do you not think! The last part was the question you may not be able to answer. Anything else bother you tell it to some one who cares! :lol:


Article 2: Contacting the Kicker

It shall be illegal to touch the kicker when in the act of kicking from scrimmage[/b]

......my gawd, how easy is this to understand you whiner EE fan?.....Dales could have acted his heart out and it still wouldn't matter, penalty to the eskimos......suque it up buttercup.....

Why don't you read Dale's interview in the Sunday Sun. "Contacting the kicker 5 yards, roughing the kicker 15 yards, if I don't sell it we take 5 yards then kick again."

....ah, but that's not what you originally argued is it?.....

Actually< i think it is. To clarify, IN MY OPINION, It is one thing to embellish an injury in order to get a call (I don’t think it’s the “manly” way to do it but again that’s my opinion) It is another to brag about it thereby showing up the refs. If your going to roll around faking an injury like a Portuguese soccer player, keep it to your self, don’t brag about it.

.....well, that 'clarification' sounds pretty remote from the original clearly stated argument about the refs looking the other way when Dales gets hit next time......but I understand your opinion now, and don't disagree, injuries should not be faked to affect the play of the game.....I feel the same way about all the injury time outs the eskimos take during a game, its pretty ridiculous at times....like last year during the western semi final when Mike Maurer was injured on the field which delayed a hot Stampeder drive, and then was laughing about it on the sideline.....so I'm glad we agree on this un-manly thing to do...

Ha ha is the circus in town! What the Eskies never have done this right? You know I can not wait until Eskimo clowns are out of the picture then these so called fans will disappear much like Zeigfred and Roys Tigers ha ha ha

“When in the act of kicking”, doesn’t this mean while his foot is in the air, and on its way to the ground. I’m pretty certain Dales’ foot had touched the ground after the punt, at the time he got tackled.

sorry 123 but he was in kicking motion when the Eskie ran over him I think that equates to roughing the kicker!

…his kicking foot had made contact with the ball and was on the way down…when he was viciously and without thought of his knees taken down by that bloodthirsty eskimo lineman :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: …

Now that was a dirty play! :lol:

Actually I don't ever recall hearing an Eskimo say he faked an injury to draw a penalty.

By the way, do your parents know you play on their computer.

Did you actually see the play, the Eskimo player falling he did not "run over" Dales.

....based on the earlier posts made in this thread you sir are hardly in a position to critisize semantics.....

OK but if you and/or redwhite are going to misrepresent the facts to prove a point at least exaggerate a little more. Like perhaps you could suggest that one of the Eskimo cheerleaders tried to take out his knees with tire iron or something like that.

Besides that, what semantics are you talking about. If I misrepresented any facts point them out.

.....actually, I take that back, after reviewing the posts I cannot find an example of you distorting any facts....I confused 'distortion of facts' with 'whining'....my bad....

Thankyou, point taken.

On another, somewhat related topic, I was a little disappointed that Dales did not receive the Special teams POW award. Despite his play acting, his play on the fake and ballsy display taking on the EE tackler should almost have won it alone, not to mention I believe a 52 yd avg. Mr.Dales it seems has a linebacker attitude. Great game by Flemming asside, I would have picked Mr. Dales for the award.

....yeah, but take Flemming out of the equation and the Esks don't win that game...nailing those first three FGs were critical.......he was more a important contributor to the game than Dales was...

You know that is down right funny and an old ploy using the parents on their computer thing! Usually this is a sign of losing an argument! You can not find the answer so you go to insult! The only part you forgot is the basement. Very amusing for some on in your doddering state!
I did watch the game unlike you! What you had to pick up your false teeth!