Dale Evans threads

Wow that Dale Evans was one good looking woman in her day. Whoda thought


I remember seeing Dale, and Roy, the first time I attended a Rose Parade in Pasadena, CA, Jan. 2/56. They were on a float. Buttermilk (Dale's horse) wasn't there.

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Nelly Belle does look better doesn't it? I remember the name was painted on the hood of the jeep. And Brady was introduced as Roy's "comical sidekick, Pat Brady". Can't remember if he had billing before or after Roy's "faithful wonder dog, Bullet". Good stuff eh? :smiley:

Nailed it with Buttermilk, but out of curiosity, was Trigger in the parade? I believe he would still have been alive, as the show would have still been on air. :grinning:

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I was quite young then, not so much anymore. I don't believe Trigger was in the parade, but I expect Roy & Dale may have been on horseback in earlier and/or later Rose Parades.