Dale Evans threads



I’ve been chuckling for the past two minutes over this.


this was far more satisfying than my initial expectation lol


Some of you guys really are ancient.

Hilarious! I’m sure Roy, Trigger and Nellybelle will be happy to see Dale riding high on Buttermilk again.

Happy trails to you, until we meet again…

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She can leave her hat on… :wink:

Blondes are always more fun, er, always have more fun. 8)

Understanding these posts certainly makes me feel older than ancient. Pre-historic?

Happy trails to you until we meet again…

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I was wondering what might be going on with the Ti-Cats pivots, and then I remembered this thread, and thought it might need to be bumped.

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Are you sure that you didn't want to bump the combined 'DaNe Evans Threads'?

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Yup ! Guess Who?)


Dane Evans's mom?

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Dale Evans was a good actress. Not sure about her connection to the Ticats but kudos to her for being involved with the team.

This thread is a tongue-in-cheek homage to a misspelling of Dane Evan's name.

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And, for the trivia buffs, what was the name of Dale’s horse on the Roy Rogers show, and for a bonus point who, or what, was

I'll take the hard one... and for extra points spell it correctly. :grin:

Nelly Belle was an old jeep! Driven mostly by
Pat Brady.

Rogers jeep of course