Dairy Queen calling for Ticats Long-snapper

possible trade in the works.

wtf was up with the long snapping tonight? absoutley terrible. I never thought the following sentence would ever be said but… Im starting to see how valuable Matt Robichaud is to this ticat team.

that was the worst display of long-snapping i’ve seen in my whole life, there are better highschool long snappers then this moron.

Cut by tomorrow?

I want a brownie batter blizzard

Hopefully Matt is back soon.

Now everyone can see why it is so important to have a roster spot filled by a long snapping specialist.

After Robichaud had surgery, and before they signed Tyson Craigss, for a couple of days Zeke Moreno was practising snaps for field goals and converts while somebody else on the team was practising to be the long snapper for punts. My guess is that Craiggs, while obviously less than ideal, is better than the other options available.

I will say one thing for the guy, he sure does hustle. Notwithstanding the fact that he doesn't have a Charles Atlas physique, he is often the first guy downfield (I know that he doesn't have a blocking assignment so he has a head start, but he's not slacking off either!).


Ok Ticats, i can snap well PM me seriously and give me a try I promise I will do better than that guy last night and I will play with more heart than you have ever seen.