Dahrran Diedrick

In Herb's article (http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/f ... story.html), Diedrick had this to say:

" I have prayed about this. I asked God for it to happen. Prayers do get answered.?

I find that offensive,frankly. Just how self-important is he? The same god who ignores the prayers of countless women raped and murdered, the same god who ignores the prayers of far too many children who are victims of pedophiles, the same god who ignores the prayers of countless men, women, and children who live in poverty and are dying of starvation, etc etc, actually cares about which football team one Dahrran Diedrick plays for ?????

Ted Laurent said much the same thing when he signed in Hamilton. It amazes me how these football players think themselves so damn special and important, more important apparently than the millions of folks I just mentioned.

Far better, to my mind, is Romby Bryant's approach:

"At the end of the day this is a child's game and I'm getting paid to play a child's game." From http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports ... 87271.html

For that, I respect Bryant. I don't have any respect for Diedrick or Laurent.

[i]OHHHHH! Johnny backs you up 100% on this one Madjack. Unbelievable… It is not only narcissistic; but all “faith” based beliefs are a form of magical thinking. People who need a crutch to face life. And, if there was a God (big if…), and he lets people suffer from starvation, disease, etc, but worries about Diedrick’s career, then he should not be the one making decisions…

Madjack, Johnny thinks you would like the writings of Christopher Hitchens. Johnny misses good ole Hitch! RIP[/i]

Oh I'm well aware of Hitchens, he could be a bit of a bully at times, but you have to admire the intellect. Richard Dawkins is another good one.

Agreed on that. Mohammad flying to heaven on a magical winged horse; the Mormons’ Joseph Smith and his magical golden plates, the Christians’ magical immaculate conception, Santa’s magical flying reindeer. . . all very similar. It is odd how some people will reject out of hand any belief at all in 3 of those and at the same time passionately believe in the truth of a 4th.

That's because belief is not based on fact.

Now can we return to discussing football, or something in relation to it?

Amen to that, Phil!

Now that you're all done maliciously and gratuitously mocking the beliefs that many people in the world hold dear, maybe we can get back to talking about football.

Your awfully polite :lol:

Are you saying that’s unusual? All Als’ fans are always polite !

Anyway, Diedrick along with everyone else is free to believe whatever he wants. My point was that I personally find it offensive that any football player, let alone a fairly mediocre one, would think himself just soooo much more important than anyone else that his god would actually care about something so darn trivial in the grand cosmic scheme of things as what team he plays for.

I’ve asked the mods to move this to the off-topic section, anyone who wishes to continue down this path is welcome to join me there.