Dahrran Diedrick stays in Montreal

Montreal Alouettes’ Vice President and General Manager Jim Popp announced today the signing of fullback Dahrran Diedrick to a new deal with the team.

Le vice-président et directeur général des Alouettes de Montréal Jim Popp a annoncé aujourd’hui que le centre-arrière Dahrran Diedrick sera de retour avec l’équipe la saison prochaine à la suite d’une nouvelle entente.

Dahrran Diedrick is a good non import with great credentials. Most valuable as a special teams guy.

Don't know why this guy was re-signed, given that we have Kerry Carter at the fullback position. He'd better come cheap if all he's going to do is play special teams or sub whenever Carter is injured.

I don't know why he signed. He is a good Running Back, I figured he'd turn down Montreal's offer and see if he can get a chance to play somewhere else.

But, Running Back is a physical position, so Payton and/or Carter are bound to get hurt at 1 point in the upcoming season, especially Payton, I like the guy, but he leaves games quite often because of his tough game.

I dunno, Ryooon, I've never seen anything particularly impressive out of Diedrick. He's okay as a depth guy and a special-teams player, but that's about it. Plus he seems a bit undersized for today's CFL running game.

I didn't comment on your first post about Diedrick because it was a valid statement. But to say Dahrran Diedrick at 6' 225 is undersized in any league makes me wonder if you know what your talking about. His size and strength is what makes him such a great special teams player. By far im not a true fan of this guy but you name me the last canadian Heisman Trophy candidate . You need to have the best canadians to win a Grey Cup and he is one of them.

For some reason, I thought he was smaller than that. My apologies.

I like him because he doesn't try to get fancy with the ball. He just does it the old fashion way, and puts his helmets and shoulders down.