Dahran Diedrick traded for pick

Good luck to him. He was a great Alouette. Very giving of his time and worked hard on Special teams and with the young guys.


Ticats trade for Dahrran Diedrick (and what it means)
The Ticats have acquired fullback Dahrran Diedrick from the Montreal Alouettes for a draft pick.

Diedrick is 34, a veteran guy who is versatile and can play some special teams. The Ticats didn't really have a back up to John Delahunt after releasing Daryl Stephenson and Diedrick can do that and likely help develop the rookie Delahunt.

CDN Depth, experience, and hopefully still usefull at a low cost . Not a game changer but ....

Interesting as you wanted him to be cut immediately at one point last fall.

Good pick up but I still think they should bring back Avon he's a proven performer, 1,000 yard rusher last year and a vet who knows the game well!!

"Low Cost?" Are you referring to the draft pick given up for him or his contract? The latter wouldn't be low by CFL standards for a FB. He's an 8-yr CFL vet who bounced around NFL camps for a couple of years before and extended his deal with MTL in the past off season.

The Cats will be using Diedrick mainly as an insurance FB/TE,(and possibly some ST's) not the TB/RB position in which we are juggling Walker, Gable and Lamar.

It will be curious to see if Walker will be a healthy scratch in the home opener this coming weekend.

Its probably a late round conditional pick. Well worth it considering all the Ticats had as a NI in the backfield was Delahunt.

Edited: A fourth round pick. Wow... Thank you Mr. Tillman :thup:

And thanks, Jimmy, for helping a division rival.

Canadian draft is a crap shoot at best. We filled a current need for a draft pick. I think it's a good trade. Fourth round pick might not even make the team. Welcome to the Hammer Mr. D

This is a trade where everyone get’s something. You guys fill a need, DD gets t finish his career close to home with his contract picked up, and Als get a pick.

Trading pawns in a chess match... Meh.

Feels like a slight overpay by the Cats, although a lot depends on the structure of the contract which I don't know. But there is no question he is a fine football player. I am hoping this means they are going to start 6 NI on offence so that they can have an all-import secondary.

You also get a guy who is very familiar with our offense, which is my main beef with this trade as an Als fan..

I saw him battle Jeese Lumsden in the MetroBowl & if was a back & forth display of athletic prowess that was truly a game for the ages. I do believe both ran for well over 200 yards each. It was something else.

Welcome aboard Dahrran. Looking forward to you leading through experience a good group of young Non Imports.

A good deal for both. ALS get a pick for a guy they don't want any longer. Cats get A NI depth guy.

An Argo-Cat fan

According to an article in todays news Diedrick is devastated by the trade from he Als to the Tiger-Cats he thought he would be a long time Al's player and retire with the team?

[url=http://www.canada.com/sports/Diedrick+devastated+Ticats+trade/8603305/story.html]http://www.canada.com/sports/Diedrick+d ... story.html[/url]

If it's any easier, Welcome to the Tiger-Cats DD, hope you can make an impact here with your new team mates in Hamilton and playing in front of Cat fans and family??

Maybe some of your Winning Ways will rub off on the Tiger-Cats and we can have a Winning season this year!!

Diedrick devastated by Ticats trade

Former Alouette says it's like being dumped by a girlfriend

sooooooo excited he's here...

Its like if Marwan was traded. They are people too and as they get closer to retirement they have more attachment and start planning their next life stint. Don't take it personal.