Dag Nabbit! Ray to start vs Cats :(

[b]THE CANADIAN PRESS TORONTO -- The Toronto Argonauts have their offensive leader back.

Argos head coach Scott Milanovich said Saturday veteran Ricky Ray will be the club's starter when it faces the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in Guelph, Ont., on Monday afternoon. Ray has been out since suffering a shoulder injury Aug. 23 in a 35-14 home loss to the Calgary Stampeders.
"It's my first game back in a while, we're fighting for first place so it is a big game,'' Ray said. "But it's no different than any other big game as far as getting prepared and going out there and playing hard.

we obviously have a chance to win first place in the East so playoff implications are there. I just look at it as a chance to come back on a team that's headed to the playoffs. I'm just trying to get back out there and play the best I can to help this team win.''

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/ricky-returns-ray-back-under-centre-vs-ticats]http://www.cfl.ca/article/ricky-returns ... -vs-ticats[/url][/b]

A couple things...

  1. This is not news. They announced this almost a week ago.

  2. Would you rather play backups?

I would rather the Cats beat teams that are playing their best players. Then a win is truly earned and their fans can't make excuses.

Got to beat the best to be the best.

Just got to put the hurt on 'em early and often and make him regret coming back to face us.

Yup, they need to play physical aginst Ray and make him feel their pain.

Ray's been off for more than a month. It will take him a while to get back into his rhythm which gives the Cats a chance if they can score early. Needless to say, Burris will need to have a big game.

An Argo-Cat fan

AFAIK, it was only stated that he may be able play, and that this is the first statement saying that he will.

From TSN on Thursday:

head coach Scott Milanovich stopped short of making any confirmation that Ray would be starting on Monday.

"We're going to be cautious and wait to see how he feels (tomorrow)," said Milanovich.

As far as back ups vs starters, I'd prefer the backups in this case as it gives the tabbies a better chance of winning and overtaking the A___s for first place.

Will take Ray about 30 seconds to get into his rythm so we are in trouble, have to have an exceptional game regardless.
Even if he only plays a partial game, sooner or later we will have to face him and his whole crew so we had bette get some starters back and be prepared for winning the east.
Imo Ray at 80% is as good as most qbs at 100%.

to get to the cup im sure will have to face him so no better time then now bring on ray and watch issac buckle and the boys have a thanksgiving feast on him.

Honestly, the Cats just have to play the same way they did last week, and it won’t make any difference if Ray is playing and playing at the top of his game (which he won’t be…)

no, it was announced just before I posted this thread.

If it will increase the odds of a TiCat victory, then yes, I’d rather the team play Collaros rather than Ray, especially in the fight for a first place bye.
The Cats will be missing numerous starters for this game such as, Ellingson, Giguere, Figueroa, Breaux, Williams, Moore, Simmons, Bowman etc
Do you think Argos fans would prefer to have all these TiCats in the lineup for the game?

this is a near impossible wish, as all teams have at least some starters on the IR throughout the season.

The Cats will just have to step up their game even further with Ray at the helm.

no, it was announced just before I posted this thread.

8) You are absolutely right, "tangledweb" !!
  Rays status was only speculated on for Mondays game, until Milanovich confirmed it yesterday (Sat) !!

I'm not worried. The D will step up like last game and Ray will be on his back for the back for much of the first half. Colleros will then be brought in for the second for his turn to lie on the field. Burris and crew just have to do what they do best. Score early and often. :smiley:

Ray was in pretty good form in his first game back last year.

That was with a knee and not a shoulder injury. It MIGHT make a difference.


Thought that was Hamilton's best defensive performance of the season.

Ray is excellent. You can only limit him by containing his receivers and jumping on the short passes and runs just as Steinauer's D did tonight. Owens was ineffective. Well done D.

The easiest way to eliminate Ray!

Argos Suck............... Hamilton
22:39 Time Of Possession 37:21

Total TOP domination

I'm glad we had the chance to help Ricky Ray get an up close and personal look at the new field turf of Alumni stadium. Something he can scratch off of his bucket list.

The win feels great but I wouldn't get to over-confident around Ray. He was shaking the rust off and was barely on the field but if he completes that final pass into the end zone then we're not having this party. If we meet the Argos in the playoffs we'll have to play a near perfect game and somehow keep Ray contained if we are to advance to the Grey Cup. It won't be easy.