daft Taafe

Some questions.
How is it possible that an head coach doesn't know the rules re calling for a review?
Doesn't know his number one running back has speed until he sees him play in a league game?
Gets the losing side in every trade?
Goes for two points when they are down by 14?

Forgot;why keep Lumsden in last game after it was determined that he had a bad shoulder.He wasn't given the ball because of the injury but was used to block.I know blocking is harder on the shoulder than running the ball.

I agree. Charlie must be Daft

Don't foget he made the same bone head decisions about two pointers earlier in the season and last week continued to take kickoffs after field goals even though we were not getting past our twenty yard line.


Hey Mr Taafe, YOUR THE COACH, never admit you don't get it, study some film, introduce some new plays, get the team motivated. Teach, don't sit back with your hands up saying I DONT GET IT!

This part ticks me off, he obviously knows what to challenge. He is trying to get the officials attention so he can complain about the call!

Yup. He sure gave the blind zebra an earfull on the sidelines. Didn't help though...

Tell me , wasnt that a brutal call on the hit on Bishop ?? A little later in the game the same type of play but the other way around and it`s not called !!!

The Argos had only one more win than we did , yet they dont hold or take penalties of any kind when Bishop scrambles and throws a long completion ??

The refereeing was brutal, but good teams win IN SPITE of poor refs. We are not a good team.

My question: Why do our second string runningbacks get the ball more than our first string guy?
Why is Taffe so quick to pull Chang and so slow to pull Maas.
Why is Taaffe impatient with everyone but Maas.
Why oh why are we so bad???

Why is a carrot more orange than an orange?

Why do we drive on parkways and park in driveways?

You didnt notice a marked improvement in the offence in the second half ??

And how did you perform on your first day on the job?

1 TD An improvement but not a big one

Taaffe doesn't "swing" the trades - that is Mr. Desjardins specialty apparently.

With zero input from Taffe? OK, can I get some of what you are having?