Da bombers vs .......da.... Al's...

Well another big weekend ahead, the bombers roll into Montreal with a must win mandate... The crazy crew just might knock off the once mighty Al's...and if they don't, we can start to prepare for next years Grey cup,by seeing players that the Bombers will be making big decisions on,during the offseason.

IF......the Bombers knock off the AL'S....I think it could spell trouble for Mathews......after the way they lost to B.C. last game....there will probably be a lot of second guessing about the future of the 'Don' .....and you're right hank there will be a lot of speculaton on the Bombers as well if they lose....coaching and player-wise........I'm of the feeling that you start to build for next year NOW.... that means having a look at everyone on the roster....and .that would allow us to evaluate players in depth for 06....failing that we start with the same gaping holes next season....and that is not acceptable to me...when you have the chance..... fix it.. just.my feeling anyway... :idea:


I have a good feeling about this game, I think they will win.


[url=http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y259/Kanga-Kucha/hng017.jpg]http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y259/K ... hng017.jpg[/url]

GO BIG BLUE!!!!!!!!

Show them what your made of Stoddard.

Stoddard is a gem, I agree with blackdale, the bombers should make him part of the main recieving package on a full time basis...like a big old Walleye sitting around the holes,looking for some action...

when you are talking about Stoddard ...the words SOLID PERFORMER come to mind.....this guy dosen't get enough credit for what he does on the Bombers....he should get more regular playing time.......great hands ....and a great attitude....I hope the BigBlue never lose him...

Stoddard is said to be starting at WR for the Bombers on the depth chart agaisnt Montreal. Maybe he’ll have a strong game…Let’s hope so. C’mon Blue!

Stoddard always has a good game. When we need a catch and that mans on the field he makes it. He is a dominating reciever, and a great clutch player, If Glenn using him stegall and brazzell to their fullest, it should be a great passing game, and make sure roberts make his little moves and stokes actually runs instead of cutting.

When did we get rid of Regimbald and Brazzell.........one step closer to cleaning house in the Peg, and Glenn needs to stop turning the ball over, do all qbs that come out the Riders organization get programed for this......time to deprogram the guy, he has potential just makes bad decisions, we need a qb coach who can help this guy.

guys we can start blaming the offense when the defense doesnt allow 600+ yards a game

if Daley can’t see he has to bring in a couple of defensive backs and a linebacker then please someone take him to an optometrist…what a pathetic secondary…they would make a blind QB. look good…the problem is so glaring that if Taman dosen’t start the hunt now for these defensive people he better pack it up along with the players who definitely should be cut…offensively we have a good solid corps…but Glenn does need work…and I think he needs a game to watch things from the sidelines…start Michna for cripes sake…I want to know what kind of talent and depth we have…failing that I think Daley better pack er up and join Taman… I don’t know about you but .I’m sick and tired of watching my team get embarassed…get 06 team started now… :oops:

Glenn is a proved start bud, 3rd in the league in passer rating, hes had losses where he’s thrown for 400 yards and 3 TDs all thanks the Defense, no problems with offense get that bloody defense better

he's a proven starter but I think he has a problem finishing....he looks great up to the red zone....then I don't know what the hell happens to him....he chokes by either throwing an interception or over throwing his receiver....some pretty lame duck passes have cost us big time.....I know he's not a seasoned vet, yet and I know these things will come....but I want to know what our other QB. can do as he showed a lot of promise in the times we have played Michna......I don't think you're going to ruin Glenns confidence for one game....I 've played and watched enough ball to know that certain things done on the field can be seen from the sidelines away from the play.as well as being immersed right in it.......in Glenns case it could be beneficial....and if they don't want to play Michna I want to know why the hell not....what have we got to lose.... :!:

We have nothing to lose, the only thing we have,is four games to see who is staying and who is leaving, if there is anybody out there who is not under contract, bring those guy's in and lat's see them under real situations.

Yes, but 5 trips inside the Montreal 20 and we come away with the goose egg........

The problems with this team are even deeper then before the REBUILDING process, the defense is worse, the offense is no better off then with Khari at the controls, when was the last time Roberts rushed for 165 yards and we LOST, not in my recent memory, if we dont clean house at the end of the season we are doomed to more bufoonery next year.......Taman and Daley must go.....Daley is running the defence, what does that tell you, Gibson thinks his only receiver is Stokes, he has forgotten about Brazzell and Regimbald, how the heck can you not pound the ball on short yardage with this guy or bring in Martin......this is just ridiculous use of the talent we have and it all starts with the head coach.....CLEAN HOUSE, THE SOONER THE BETTER, we are the laughing stock of the league in our 75th Anniversary Year....

I think Rust's departure has had a much bigger impact on Winnipeg's defence than most people realize. They seem to be playing mostly man coverage now that he's gone, like they've forgotten how to execute effective zone coverage. Stanford Samuel is a liability. Lysack is overrated at safety. And my Als' O-line dominated your D-line at the line of scrimmage for most of the night.

Most of the problems with this team are on defence. Glenn is a proven QB and has all the weapons he needs in Roberts, Stegall, Stokes, Brazzell, Stoddard and McDonald. He just needs to spread the ball out and make other teams realize they can't simply double-cover Stegall. That's the offensive coordinator's job to come up with plays for different receivers. This is a rebuilding year for the Bombers, lest anyone forget. I think they'll be a stronger team next year provided they shore up their secondary and find a replacement for Rust.

the rebuilding year was supposedly last year......how many bloody years do you go with that line of B.S....I ain't buying it...

How was the rebuilding year last year? You changed quarterbacks and head coaches in the middle of the season when it became clear that the Bombers weren't a competitive team. That's not a rebuilding year, that's the lowest point that forces management to enter a rebuilding phase.

We lost a nail biter in Edmonton in the second last game of the year last season that put us out of the playoffs and the Esks in. To say we werent a competitive team last season is incorrect. We were 7 - 11 last season and 5 - 6 after Daley took over. This team didnt need to be rebuilt, it needed a couple of good free agents at most. The changes Daily has made has taken a competitive team and turned it into a gong show.

REBUILDING PHASE......are you working for Daley...discipline.....thats the kind of terms he uses.....rebuilding ...if you want to call it that...is when Daley walked in the door taking this team in the direction he wanted....which has not been too sucessful as you might have noticed..'.rebuilding' to me is another way of saying ...get used to losing guys....we'll be awhile....