da bomba's vs. sask (game day thread)

Fred Reid is our running back, with the talented Mr. Smith.

*throws a bone.

I'd also like to congratulate Milt before breaking the record today.


hmm blew a 17 point lead excellent

...the defensive secondary needs some serious changes.....we're done/// :thdn:

we need a new kicker too serna had some terrible punts today, plain and simple they suck and now we all have to listen to berry blame the loss on everything but themselfs

..There has to be an air-lift in here.....if only to be able to field a d' next game....we took some serious hits...TIME TO LOOK AT SOME nfl CUTS TAMAN ...and don't give us that crap about standing pat...b.s.is wearing thin ..Marshal needs something to work with... :thdn:

Just want to let the Bomber fans know I thought it was a good game today, despite the loss. Glenn played well, Reid looked good and Milt was Milt. I feel for the fans, because as we all know, Rider fans understand what it's like to go through a bit of a loosing skid.

Papa nothing will change with this management gang. Taman will continue to B.S. the fans. It's called keeping the wolves at bay.

Nice game by Glen today. Touch loss for the bombers. Good luck with the reat of the year.SOMEONE HAS TO GWT RID OF THAT COACH BARRY HE IS TERRIBLE.

Good call about Marshal. The guy knows how to prepare, I like how he sat Canada and inserted Wayne for another unnecessary roughness call.

Glenn had some 2 and outs in the 4th quarter, but bashing glenn (for me - maybe not for some) is growing long on the tooth. We all know Glenn can compete, he's just not an elite qb. But he's not that bad, although we can only blame our defense for today / Glenn assumes almost none for the loss. We have to be fair here.

The positive is we finally saw an offense out there.

You can hang this one all on Berry and insisting to start a NI (Logan, Nugent) at safety with Samuels on the bench.

All those Hail Marrys were right down the middle over the safety, just brutal.

....exactly....Those tremendous...all-star receivers (ahem) of the Riders sure burned us good....Logan runs hot and cold....same for Nugent...we need a consistent player at those postions...the coverage was pee-poor...Samuels must be scratching his head????????along with 29,000 other fans??? :roll: