Da Bomba's Bunk-ah

It's getting awful cozy in Bauer's foxhole.

I think it's going to resemble Saddam's "spider hole" after Labour Day.

"Never Alone?" Bauer's got that right. Not only is half of Bomberland looking for his scalp, but they'll be looking for other sacrificial lambs to slaughter for this 'act of wonton terror' we call the 2008 Grey Cup run.

Bauer's reign of terror in Bomberland is hanging by a thread. He probably is alone in a bunker somewhere. I hope that he has a pistol. Maybe Bauer will put himself out of our misery, not wanting his 'corpse' to dragged through the streets by horses like Mussolini's body was.

Wasn't hitler so anxious to've his corpse toasted so that no one could handle the body.

Something to that sacrificial end.

I loathe those types, that make-beleive in yellow brick roads.