our defense looks real good this year. i think we should finish #1 or #2 in total defense...

with the acquisitions of big solid players:

tim cheatwood in my opinion is one of the best ENDS in the CFL, will be working with anwr stewart, who i think is the end with the best awareness and also smartest ends in the cfl. working the middle will be dario romero and pat charbonneau, i think we have a real good d-line reporting to camp and we should be at the top in sacks this year and if r-kal truluck stays healthy this line will be jacked!

also john grace and donnavan carter will be a huge help at lbackers. i was upset that we released duane butler but carter and grace will be a huge with strickland and mackey and kai ellis

defensive backs they are so good but the defensive coordinator has to stop playing them the deep coverage thats why we got so burned last year and in my opinion, i think chip cox will be back!

i hope im right!

I also believe this Defense will be strong this year. I personally believe this will be the toughest Defense we've hard for a while now.

I agree with you that the Defense will be our strong point this year. I am very anxious to see this D-Line too. You forgot to mention D.D Ancholonu(however his name is spelt :twisted:), he is quick off the edges.

Dario Romero played great last year, and unfortunately, you can't replace a Ed Phillion, but Charbonneau is no woman, I think he'll fit right into the mix.

As for Linebackers, I felt they were always strong, but Carter and Grace brings and aggressive game, and they are both great at covering, something our Linebackers lacked in the past.

Our Defensive backs are still solid. Davis Sanchez is a leader back there, however I think he is overrated. Chip Cox will be missed, but not dearly. Clint Kent and Lamont Brightful were good last year, and with that year of experience, they'll be better.

The coverage should be better this year, because with a strong Defensive Line who pressures, it will lead to some bad throws, and last year, even with the blitz, we did not rush the QBs enough. If this D-Line can't get in the backfield this year, there's a problem somewhere.

What worries me is the interior line. With Stewart and Cheatwood on the ends, we’re golden. The linebacking corps is rock solid. The secondary will be one year older and thus one year wiser. But we have no one at nose tackle who really inspires fear like Philion did, plus we lost Belli and Haywood. Romero is good, but can he survive doubleteams and still put effective pressure up the middle? Same goes for Charbonneau.

I actually think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to switch to a 3-4 defense, given our relative lack of depth at tackle and given our wealth of athletic linebackers. Grace is already familiar with a 3-4 defense from Calgary, and I believe a converted DB like Strickland would excel in a scheme that gave him more coverage responsibilities.

When I think of The Als defense, my thoughts revert to Dave Dickinson running through a porous defense in the Grey Cup game last year. Ed Philion will be the Als greatest loss.

Once again, I think it's the Defensive strategy that's a weak point.

ALL year long, it was those small 5 yard dumps in the middle that killed us. We'd send all 3 backers blitzing, and our Defensive Backs deep in coverage, leaving the middle of the field WIDE open. A receiver makes the catch, and has about 20 yard to makeup, before the Defensive Back has time to catch up to him and make the tackle.

The Defensive Line, on the Ends, I don't think the duo can get any better. The DTs though, Romero showed he can play strong and Charbonneau I believe can too. Of course there's no replacing Ed Phillion.

But for the Defensive Line, what killed them, was all the MISSED TACKLES. How many times did they have the QB, but the QB escaped the tackle? Too many times. And it's not just the D-Linemen, the Linebackers too.

I agree with Disciplineandpunish, that a 3-4 Defense would not be a bad idea, but for me, if I were coach, instead of changing the whole strategy, I would lay off the blitz. Play some zone coverage more, instead of the 80% blitz. It worked at one time, but the other teams practice Hitch and Slants and Swing Passes only to capitalize on the blitzing Defense. I noticed many times, teams used Offensive Plays ONLY against the Als, plays I rarely see them use against any other teams. Toronto's Defense is so good, because they don't blitz as often.

Our D-Line is excellent, let them do their job, and let the Linebackers do their job, instead of the Linebackers assisting the D-Line to do their job, and giving the DBs extra work.

The blitz worked once, won't work all the time. I think the Als overused it, and it's a bad strategy now.

Personally, I’ve never liked the 3-4 defence, but with our personnel, it has possibilities. Stewart and Cheatwood on the ends, Romero at nose; then we could have Mackey and Ellis in the middle together, with Grace and Strickland outside, Taylor and Carter to spell them off from time to time.

Has possibilities, I have to admit.