D Weebs hit

last time i heard football was a physical game just seen hilite on tsn of webbs hit on IANNUZZI to me webb was just making the play tsn reports he will be fined and suspended. Not a big loss considering that will just be one more player who doesnt show up for the next game. So the end result is they dont tackle and when they do they get suspended for it :?


Since when is a helmet to the back of the head part of a "physical game"?
The game is supposed to be about blocking, tackling and catching the ball. If a player wants to throw himself at another player like that, using his helmet instead of tackling, he deserves to be fined and suspended.
Football players make their living using their bodies. Why do you think it's OK to endanger another player for your enjoyment?
Did you see Ianuzzi coming off the field? He had no idea where he was. He could be affected for life from this hit.
Good for the CFL for clamping down on this sort of thing.
The only good thing to come out of this is a twitter comment from Webb, apologizing for the injury. Good for him.

I agree with 62.

It was a bad hit, a dirty play, and he deserves a fine and suspension for it.

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The BC receiver was going down as Webb came across to make the hit. Had the receiver been upright, the injury may not have happened. Only Webb knows what his intentions were. Remember that this all happens very fast.

Did the hit look deliberate? Not to me.

I don't think it was a deliberate intent to injure either but the CFL has to do what they think is right and good on Webb for apologizing although I think it was borderline physical play/dirty, maybe edging on dirty so I'll give the league the benefit of the doubt here.

He lead with his head and left his feet in doing so. That makes it dirty....not to mention dangerous to both him and the person he is hitting.


Happened right in front of me.

Lead with the head. Dangerous hit.

Fine and suspension worthy for sure.

Not really Webb's style, so I don't think we should hold it against him.

The hit was dirty because he lead with his head. Leaving his feet has nothing to do with it. As Jock Climie pointed out when Glen Suitor kept emphasiizing "he left his feet" about on another hit earlier this year: football players leave their feet all the time. It isn't hockey. Using your helmet as a weapon is illegal, but leaving your feet is a regular occurrence in football.

He was going down because Tisdale who was grabbing him let him go when he saw Webb charging in. Tisdale is the one who played this dirty.

After looking at the hit several times on the PVR, in slow motion, it looked to me that Webb anticipated the receiver catching the ball and consequently hit him hard hoping to jar the ball loose. What he didn't know or see (as his back was somewhat turned) was that the ball was blocked by Tisdale and never reached the receiver's hands. If the ball had been caught, Webb's hit might have jarred it loose resulting in an incomplete pass. If Webb had seen the whole play unfold in front of him, I don't think he would have hit him the way he did.

This is a good point. When Webb "launched" himself toward he receiver, I'm sure he didn't realize that he would go down prior to the hit. Webb apologizing was only a fellow athlete's way of saying I'm sorry it happened, not to take the whole blame for something illegal.

Bottom line: I don't believe Webb intended to injure anyone, it's just the way the play unfolded.

Just my take on the event.

I just watched the play. It was a very unfortunate incident. That being said, defensive backs are taught to launch themselves like a missile at a receiver, from Pop Warner through College ball. The thing is, it is very dangerous for both players. Webb should be fined and/or suspended. Cudos for him to apologize to Carlo.

Having had a concussion myself, however "slight" it was, I can empathize with the athletes dealing with them. Too many careers have been cut short by concussions. FAR too many lives have been cut short.

Football in general is a violent sport. It is WAY past time to protect these human beings from the debilitating injuries they can EXPECT to get; concussions being the most life-threatening.


Of course he led with his helmet - its on his head and the last time I tackled someone my head was the leading part of me launched at the ball carrier. Yes, it's best to him with a shoulder pad, far less chance of injuring yourself and a far easier task to 'wrap up'. Oh yeah, excuse me the backs on this team don't wrap up and allow lots more YAK yards.

I sympathize with what you're saying. When I say "leading with the head", I'm kinda using it as shorthand for using the top of the helmet, or failing to head the advice of every developmental coach to keep your head up, your hips low and "see what you hit" to avoid self-inflicted neck injuries.

Might get a fine, no way he gets suspended though.

I agree with this 100%. I just watched the hit several times and I don't think that Dee deliberately tried to connect hemet to helmet. I think the collision with Tisdale caused Ianuzzi to fall and he wasn't in the position Dee expected him to be in. I don't for one instant believe that Dee deliberately attempted to hurt anyone. He is not that kind of player. He's intense and plays hard, but he is not a dirty player. I believe him when he said it wasn't intentional. He felt terrible about it and apologized for what was a truly unfortunate accident. Having said that, I feel awful for Ianuzzi. It's sad and I hope he has no lasting issues from it. Sometimes things go wrong out there.

its a fast game just like driving a car angles speed etc in my mind it was not intent to injure