D Mac for Coach

Its inevitable and the only logical choice. He has had the opportunity to work with this team and could make a difference instantly. The team needs a leader and someone who actually knows the rules in charge. He would not be rebuilding only improving on team with a good solid nucleus.

I was just about to start this thread myself. Danny mac is the logical choice. Give him some experience for next year.

I'm predicting that Taafe will be gone before the next game. Obie's no fool.

I'm skeptical whether Danny would be able to turn the season around, but I do believe he wouldn't have given the opponent first-down and goal inside the five because of a basic challenge-arithmetic stupidity. Not sure how his audition would fare with the major weaknesses in pash rush and consistent receiver play being as glaring as they are, but I am open to it if the practical result of said option is to jettison Mr. Morgantown away from the Ticat sideline.

This 5-22 speaks volumes. More than "Fire Lancaster I" and "Fire Marshall." There is little fire, little imagination, and PRECIOUS LITTLE FOCUS.

Oski Wee Wee,

Although I'm not a fan of mid-season coaching changes, tomorrow morning wouldn't be a bad time for one. A short week could work in the team's favour: not enough time to dwell, less media, getting it over quickly - like pulling a bandage.

It's not even so much coaching philosophy as it is management. Would DMac have gone for it on that third and inches? Would he have handed off to Piercy on third and one? Would he have thrown a third challenge flag?

However, I wouldn't want to see DMac rushed into the position before he's ready just because the guy we have there now is incompetent. Maybe the better move is relieving Taaffe with one of the assistants and grooming DMac for the future.


He let Taffe stay after the guy agreed to a job elsewhere while under contract.

He agreed to hire Creehan and Bellefeuille. What does that say about his "connections in the league"

He drafted two guys who couldn't help them this year and possibly next.

He did not secure any quality experienced

obilovich has done nothing ZERO that has impressed me considering the urgency of improving this team.

Obilovich should man up and take over. He chose to stick it out with his HC and agreed to the assistants he hired. Go show us...He promised a competitive team that would fight for a playoff spot. The problems weren't as bad as some assumed...blah blah blah.

Man up... How can you keep a coach who dosen't know the rules in his second year with the team? Now I understand why this team was the most penalised last season...Their coach dosen't even know the rules...No wonder he put a bucket and established fines...

That may be the better call, Ock. Easley has more coaching mileage in Canada than Creehan or Bellefeuille and (assuming Danny has some familiarity with the playbook), bumping him up to new offensive coordinator may not be a bad idea. He couldn't be worse than the guy we have now, who nullifies our strengths in-game arguably as much as our opponent does every second week or so.

That might be the "grooming" scenario that could be opted for unless the Bobs were to roll the dice on another HC with zero head coaching experience. Regardless, it will be interesting to see how the next 72 hours or so unfold for Mr. Morgantown.

Oski Wee Wee,

Well he ain't perfect. He can rectify his biggest error by getting rid of Taafe now. If he doesn't than, yes he is a fool. Don't think DMac should take over however. Probably needs a little more experience on the sidelines.

i can see DMac as OC not as Head Coach

It did look like he was the one who suggested the challenge to Taffe, when the play was reviewed.

Like to hear other's take on that. I'm not sure that absolves Taaffe's inability to handle integers above two in rather cut-and-dried game management issues like knowing how many challenges are permitted. People get fired for far less transgressions in the real world.

Would Ralph Sazio have thrown a challenge flag then? No.

Would Don Matthews? Certainly not.

Would Dave Beckman if blindfolded, airplane-spun by Big Ang, and hammered on a 2-4? Could be. LMAO That doesn't get Taaffe off the hook for Exhibit what? 22?

Oski Wee Wee,

obie has coaching experience, right now its better for him to takeover, he shops for the groceries, so let him cook the meals, he knows how much everyone makes, whats their background, obie is veteran so he can make changes on the fly. This team needs to spend money on a QBs coach, and spend big time money on coordinators, especially special teams coordinator.

why not throw Montford in there as a defensive coach too!

add calvin tiggle as a LB/DEs coach
earl winfield as WRs coach/special teams assistant

mosca as o-line coach
ticats should also hire more young coaches as quality control coaches to start a pipeline of young coaches that they can groom for the future when veteran coaches leave for other jobs.

At first I thought the two posts directly above mine were jokes, making light of the idea that anyone that has ever excelled as a football player is instantly a great coaching candidate, especially in the win-now-or-else pressure cooker atmosphere that a lot of fans want to see at IW. But then reading them again, I'm not so sure...

This isn't the time for feel-good PR experiments. Let Danny and Grover and Earl and Calvin and Joe and Mike and Hitch and any other Ticat great that might want to coach pay their dues, then hire them - until then, if you want a football coach, go find a football coach.

why not hire dunnigan and get shultz to be the line coach and clime to be the OC and randorf to be the DC.

these guys are experts right? dunnigan has experience. it's a win win. we get new coaches and don't get made fun of anymore on tsn broadcasts

This week is too short to make a move. It will be next week if they lose. Obie will coach and Danny will be offensive coordinator, all the while, applying for the head coaching job next year.

this team should spend the week practicing in oakville, stay in hotel, stay away from distractions and just work on offensive line drills.

ozzie as special teams coordinator
darren flutie as offensive assistant
doug flutie as QBs Coach
chuck ealey as team president
covington as defensive assisstant
tim cheatwood as nightclub bouncer