d mac for coach

hey pinball turned out great .at least d mac would bring in right guys and offence system for cassey.then he would hire a good d coach with cfl exp. and let him run the show. d mac has been around since what 1989 cfl exp to now.plus he is good with players he is respect across the board like pinball.

Maybe OC???

hey anthing is better than the present crew. lol.hire the st thomas more coach lol he won the ghac bowl lol.high school championship lol.

Danny should come in as QB coach. This suggestion assumes that he would even be interested, given his auspicious debut as a TV commentator.

He could be of great value, as a mentor for Casey, Richie, and Tim.

Pinball has Stubler and Burrato and had Austin.

Who does Charlie have?

'nuff said.

I think D Mac would be much more suited to OC. We also need a better line coach. Mike Philbrick, Dave Hack and Carl Coulter all come to mind

Bring back coach Sal...
...and Sudsy for that matter. What about Ben Zambiasi???

bring in anyone instead of what we have id be happy.

intriguing thought

Add a few more names to that list and i'd rather see them suit up.

Hiring him would be just as smart as hiring me. We both have zero experience.

if they were to entertain the thought of bringing in
#14 it's gotta be as HEAD COACH. to make an impact, he's gotta be the HC. co-ordinators don't make an impact on a team. you're not only bringing danny in for his football smarts but you're bringing him in to have an impact on these young guy's lives,pinball had no experience and look what he's done. as long as danny surrounds himself with people who have intimate
knowledge of the cdn. game, he would be great.
i can see it now-morrealle or grigg as receivers coach
coulter for oline coach and still need a co-ordinator.
defensively, i would bring back sudsy-lets face it,
he's the guy for this job. now if that coaching staff doesn't create enough excitement for fans to want to renew well... oh yeah and you'll need geroy too.

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I agree totally. QB coach. Don't throw him into the fire just yet. He's got proven winning credentials and he did hamilton proud. Morreale needs to work his way on to staff too.

you don't bring in a guy like danny, who is a sure-fire hall of famer, with his credentials and his value, to be a friggin qb coach, he's not jamie barressi, he's danny f'n mcmanus.
and rockfish,ben zambiasi is a loogan, so is less browne.we'd be better off plucking some coaches from the oakville longhorns, ben is of no use as a coach at the cfl level,i know he's a HOF'er but some guys are not suited to be coaches. if danny is brought in to be a coach, you do a big press conference a la pinball to introduce him, but not as a pee-on qb coach. people forget that danny basically was the co-ordinator, just with pads and a helmet on.

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I love Pinball ( the only ARGO i will ever admit in public to liking) However, even he was smart enough to surround himself with credible CFL experienced Asst. Coaches.
That being said, first time former players don't always have stellar beginnings, Ron Lancaster (RIders) Matt Dunnigan etc. Danny Mac would be a good choice for OC or quarter back.

We are trying to move forward here and become a better football team. And if we want to move in the right direction we should be smart and make sure Danny Mac has nothing to do with this organization... especially not a Coach!

[sarcasm] What could a former league MOP and three time Grey Cup winner possibly offer a young, inexperienced and struggling team? [/sarcasm]