D-Mac back with Cats?????

Now that Ron Lancaster is back at the helm, I wonder if he might be considering a trade with Calgary in the coming weeks for Brock Ralph to the Stamps to play with his brother, in exchange for Danny McManus as a back up QB/coach to Maas and Eakin and eventually to retire as a Ti-Cat????

This would bring some much needed experience back to the cats in the QB department to assist with Ron and Joe. What do you think?

Maas and Eakin may become great QB's but we need Danny Mac's experience...theyve been running his 5 and dime Offence and would have a win or 2 if he was here running it...and get montford back and sit belli and cheatwood a game...these guys are great but continue to cost us with stupid penalties...and let jamie do all the kicking so he is into the game more, not, has effected him forsure...montford and danny would sure give this team some leadership that's not there now!

:o :lol: :o :lol: :o :lol: :o

Not gonna happen...now go back to X-files chat room.

As Much As I love
to see Danny Back in Black and Gold.
it won't happen This Season.

It Could Happen Next season

Ok, Ok, I'm going to reply to this now. Good Laugh.

  1. Maas is already a great QB
  2. Maas is a veteran QB and wouldn't learn a great deal from Danny
  3. Eakin is being taught by Maas
  4. Eakin hasn't taken a snap all year (regular season)
  5. Paopao is calling the plays, not Maas
  6. We run a ball-control offense, that wouldn't change no matter who we had at quarterback
  7. Montford signed with the Eskies, and we don't need him with Cheatwood, Cotton, and Collier at the Ends
    8- Belli is having a quiet, great beginning portion of the season. He's not drawing stupid penalties, and the last roughing the passer call was questionable (though some people have told me he led with his helmet stuff happens)
  8. Cheatwood did kill us last game, HOWEVER he is too good of a player to bench.
  9. I'm a Boreham supporter, but bother Boreham and Fleming have been bad this year.
  10. Boreham SHOULD have both jobs though as he IS a better punter the Fleming (sad but true)
  11. We have tons of leadership in the locker room, it's just a matter of discipline, coaching, and gelling.
  12. Destroy Calgary Boys!

If that happens i give up.

i would honestly like to see Danny Mac with the coaching staff next year! :slight_smile:

normally i dont condone personal attacks...


Maas hardly played last year and i think thats hurt him so far…Eakin still isnt proven and Danny Mac would have been good insurance…Maas is the future forsure…if there is leadership in that lockerroom it sure isnt showing with idiotic penalties every week…my grandfather is 94 yearsold and he has been a hamilton football fan his whole life and a season ticket holder till 2004 when he lost the strength to be able to go…after that last loss he had a bad spell…he lives ticat football…i hope they turn it around this week.