"D" Line

I just wanted to give kudo's to the "D" line who have been, How should I put it,
Disappointing and been taken to task on this very site and in the media.
In Edmonton, they came to play.
Led by Davis, Bulcke, Boudreaux, and not sure but I think Hazime
This front 4 only had 1 sack, but, they were in Mike Rielly's face all night,
They put some vicious legal hits on the QB, outstanding pressure.
This must have helped the secondary.
The Edmonton running game was also very much contained.
Overall a great game by the front 4.

Our "O" line did an outstanding job also.
A great sign for things to come as more football savvy people than me say,
You build a team from the "O" and "D" lines out.

Agreed. + Norwood

Davis and Boudreau were an upgrade on the D-line. Bulke has been double teamed all season
but with Davis in there they have to play him straight up one on one some of the time. He had a
good game.
On the O-line Figueroa is a house. This guy , if he stays healthy, will be our rookie of the year.
He destroyed everything Edmonton sent at him.

Agree.....Figueroa is a house(with arms),hopefully he does stay healthy,never been a fan of turn-stile Dile at tackle,too many penalties and missed assignments for my liking.Hopefully now that Figueroa is in there,they will keep him there.As for rookie of the year....I'm thinking Ellingson providing he stays healthy and keeps putting up the numbers will win the award handsdown this season.The D-Line with Davis and Bulcke in the interior is a load at close to 600 lbs between them,and hopefully Boudreax is finally out of Austin's Doghouse teamed with the rookie Norwood,the line is nicely taking shape.Just an opinion but I don't see Mr.Peach getting back onto the roster anytime soon,as he seems to be injury prone,and very inconsistent when he does play.It would be nice to see Moore and Davis together inside like late last season,but the ratio has changed since then and Bulcke is doing just fine as a starter.Still not sure if Shomari Williams could be a starter at end at anytime,a classic tweener in size,a good rotational player though,from what iv'e seen of Hazime when he rotates in he holds his own out there,an can only get better with experience.In closing like every other unit on the D. the line is a work in progress,but has tremendous potential is young eager and hungry. :cowboy:

Shomari Williams and Hazime are good depth guys...you can put them in there for a few plays to give some of the starters a breather, and they are able to battle.

couldnt agree more with 'PATMAC" david is a beast as is figueroa......he comes as advertised..PHYSICAL!......with some improvement to our secondary we are becoming very formidable.

Anyone know how Gascon-Nadon's rehab is going?

For the Figueroa fans:


From eight yards out he gives Odell Willis two big pushes, the second of which puts him right into the goal post.

Just wanted to add a few things ...

  1. The combination of Davis & Bulcke inside is a very important issue as Torrey & Brian played together in Calgary. Just like the way an OG & OT work in tandem or an OG & C work together ... two DT's can work, scheme & be a cohesive tandem in the middle to give opposing OLines a lot to deal with and headaches for 60 minutes. I fully expect this duo to get even better as Davis, (who was a 5 Star recruit for UoF in 2007 before running afoul with the law & subsequently left the Gators) plays himself into game shape. BTW ... I may be in the minority ... but I think/feel Bulcke has been Hamilton's best & most reliable defensive player through the 1st 6 games of 2013 culminating in a monster game last Friday.

  2. As much praise that is being heaped to the feet upon the alter of Joel Figueroa ... let's please keep things in perspective. Before I point out the point the time in which he got absolutely pancaked and bulldozed by a bull rush by Edmonton's Almondo Sewell at around the 10:45 mark of the 3rd quarter ... Oooops .... Guess I let the cat out of the bag ... Anyways ... I was going to say that this kid is definitely a keeper. Big, athletic, aggressive, energetic. He played well, good in fact, but not perfect. Be patient TiCat fans. He's definitely good. Realize he will commit some penalties no doubt and get beat the odd time. But a big, athletic, aggressive young tackle to develop is good to have on board.

  3. Make no mistake, the strength of the OLine is on the left side. Simmons & Dyakowski. Watch the majority of running plays versus Edmonton. Watch where the TiCats run the ball. It's over the left side. It's 1-3-5 gaps. It's almost almost always left side.

  4. Wojt (Pronounced Woyt) is a little bit of of a mystery to me right now. Some plays he's great. Others not so much. I honestly believe/feel they've asked a lot of him moving him around from guard to tackle to TE even sometimes. He's obviously very valuable as far as the spots he can play along the line. And I like his mean streak & temperament. Hopefully getting him situated in one spot will help because I still think he's very good.

  5. Brandon Boudreaux had a very good game last week since being released from Austin's Doghouse. He will start next game 100%. The one that I'm not as impressed with, that other posters seem to be, is Eric Norwood. But I'm not surprised either. It takes time for a DE or converted OLB to get used to the Canadian game. The one yard off the ball. The manner in which Olinemen in the CFL can use their hands. It's much different. I see Norwood spinning his wheels. He's not used to the distance that the OT can sit back and get ready for his "move". He needs time to adjust and adapt. On this note, I would not be surprised to see Peach start in his spot if healthy.

  6. To me, Hazime has been a very welcome surprise! Although he doesn't have the sacks or pressures or stats that appear on the game sheet, he's holding himself extremely well in his rookie season and is proving to be very valuable in rotation. I can only see him getting better. He might very well be one of the best off-season acquisitions when all is said and done.

You're going to be disappointed. As good as he is, Davis is a lazy player. It was the same story last year when he was playing every week, and it's the reason Hufnagel got rid of him.

Don't get me wrong, I like TD, he's as talented a player as there is in this league, but he's lazy.

I'd love to be wrong, though. Maybe Austin can get to him.

I think you're pretty correct/accurate with this assessment. Hopefully TD treats this situation as his opportunity to get things on track & establish himself as a real professional game in and game out and all game long.

Yet we know he’s capable of doing it for 4 quarters. He did it in Calgary last year against his former team - clearly motivated to be playing against the club that traded him.