Anyone else concerned about the fact that we currently have only 6 D lineman on our roster?

for a team that uses a 4-3 Defence, that leaves almost no room for substitutions, or injuries.

oh, and factor in the N/I ratio, with only 2 N/I DT's, Kirk and Steele might only play a reserve role with our main front 4 being entirely imports. I was really happy last year that we had an N/I starter on our D-line, but then we had the depth to support one. Now we don't really.

Obie has to have a plan, guys on the radar, something. there's no way we are going to go into camp with 4 DT's and 2 DE's only.

Could the cats be thinking about drafting a NI DL? or is my suspicion of an import defencive line more on the mark, and we'll see guys show up for FA camps in the south?

We currently have 7 on the roster. Defensive line is a position i’m not really worried about at all.

With Hickman and Baggs on the ends, we’re set there. Kirk is definitely a serviceable NI DT, although we still have to see what Steele is like. Gibbs played end against B.C. when we had some injuries and played great, he also has the size to compete with Bolden for the starting DT spot. I assume we will use one of our 5 picks on a defensive tackle as well. So we’ll have 8 D-linemen, not to mention the guys from down south we’ll have in camp.

oops, I missed daloul ^^^

he's pretty much unproven though so can we even count him?

Dalloul was in TC last year and was one of the final cuts. Since then he's played another year at StFx and hopefully he's developed his game a little, I wouldn't be surprised to see him make the team this year.

I could see the Ticats with 5th Pick Taking Vaughn Martin From Western
too bad he was not at the Combine..
I could see ticats bring him for a Private Workout.

Isn’t he still with the Chargers?If so, do we really want another Corey Mace with the 5th overall pick?

He is but his right but we worth something this year draft is high on starting content.

Training Camp is still months away.

In Obie I Trust.

No private workout if he is Chargers property.

Vaughn Martin won't be in the CFL anytime soon. Taking him with the 5th overall pick would basically be throwing our pick away.

Then trade out of 1st Round there no one worth the pick.

Camp is 3 months away..

You can't look at the off season roster and judge that as this years team. At least 30 more players will be signed before camp and you can be sure a few will be D linemen.