With the retirement of Adams I don’t see the team rushing in a replacement so they must have a combination in mind. Whats your take on the possible combination and potential replacements.

It's training camp.. they already have many possible replacements. There are many extras at every position.

If you know of any super talented DT just sitting around without a team lets hear them.

Well apparently Drew asked MB if Matt Kirk would take over with Steele possibly backing up and he said no, they're still looking to put an import at that position.Probably Bolden who wasn't impressive at all last year.

There are 2 DT positions in Marshall's D. Bolden will be in the same position as last year. He is not the replacement for Adams as he didn't play that position. McIntyre took over for Adams and Drew states that they are practicing that way at camp. Bolden plays the right DT. Adams played the left.

Had Adams ever played a full or even half a season, he seemed to be always injured and I can count on one finger the number of sacks I remember him getting. Ain't a big loss IMO.

He did have 8 sacks in 08 which is right there with all the best DT in the CFL and NFL.

I'm thinking they will take a hard look during the XGames if nothing appears or no one steps up the call will go out.

You can bet they will also take a long look at some of the cuts from other teams. Sometimes other teams have no choice but to let someone good go.

I see Jason Vega is on the no play list is that because hes secured himself on the team like the others on the list or is he injured. :?

I do have a bad memory. How'd he do last year. Maybe I'm thinking of someone else.

He's Injured.

Not sure as he was injured most of the year. I know he had at least 2-3 though in limited play.

He got off to a good start and dominated the second half of the retro game against Winnipeg, but then got injured the very next week and that plagued him the rest of the season.

When he was healthy, Adams was our best DL. He was a real impact player for us. I'm sure Obie will be on the hunt for someone to replace Adams. If the guys in camp can't do it then he'll find someone who can play there. :cowboy:

Good to see Long And McIntyre have a good game, I think Vega and others had some pressure on them. Will be interesting to see how this all pans out.

4 or 5 sacks in the PS game. 3 by Long I think it was. I’m now cautiously optimistic about the play of the D-line this year