D-line...what's up?

Our D-line still looks pretty suspect to me....I don't see a lot of competition there.
What's up? :cowboy:

I agree IMO this was the one area I think killed us last year more then any other.
We can only pray that some guys steps up

I tend to disagree on this one. Although we’ve never heard of most of the players coming in here’s what is certain. Darrell Adams is a beast at DT, he had 8 QB sacks in 08 and will likely start at DT again this year. Brandon Guillory was limited to 6 QB sacks in Edmonton in 08 as a DE due to injury, but he will likely start in 09 and his personal goal is 15 sacks. Matt Kirk makes a great Non-Import special teams/ second string DL, he likely will be limited to back-up, at least for now. Jermaine Reid will likely be a back-up as well, pending he makes the final roster, he made a few good plays in 08 but nothing that merits being a starter yet. Scott McCuaig is the western all-time sack leader (CIS) and an all-star all around. When Cats staff asked college O-Lineman who was one of the hardest guys to stop, McCuaigs name came up quite often. May not start at DE this year, but will be a great help on special teams and he is Non-Import. As for Alex Morrow, Garrett McIntyre, Alan Harper, Denis Haley, Mike McFadden and Elton Patterson (forgive me if I forgot someone), who knows. Some could be Cam Wakes and Aaron Hunts, some could not be ready for the pro level and get cut in camp. What is for certain though is that Obie doesn’t just sign a guy to fill a spot. He wants full-scout reports and he wants to personally see them or see some good film that indicates wether they’re good, great or a waste of time. I trust 2 or more of the unkown DL will make an impact this year, Obie knows what he’s doing.

Great points I hope your Right

So we signed four receivers today. I'm glad there will be competition at camp and hopefully one or two keeps found. I'm still waiting patiently for a major signing on the D line though.

I don't how many spot on Roster are left.
We all know alot guy will go home Saterday .

What would be a "major signing" to you. They are not going to be signing Lawrence Taylor. All that's out there are other teams cast-offs or guys most of us have probably never heard of.

They must see some potential in the guys they are bringing in or they would be signing more lineman. I'm hoping they'll uncover a couple gems.

Maybe improved pass coverage by the DBs will make opposing QBs hold the ball longer resulting in more opportunities for sacks.

They'll probably wise up to Thompson this year and if they don't they're just dumb. 9 interceptions means take the time to make sure the receivers open, if Thompson's on your man there's about a 65% chance he's gunna pick it and if he doesn't he may cuz a fumble, knock it down, or just plain tackle you to the turf. My guess is QB's won't take our secondary so lightly like they did in 08 and may hold the ball longer, but and this is a good, if we can make a strong pass rush and a strong pass defense then really we're either going to be sack leaders or interception leaders or balenced.

That's a good and deserved question. I don't have a good answer for you. All I can tell you is that I was very disappointed with the D line last year and haven't seen much to suggest it will improve significantly. I hope you're right that a couple gems are currently on the roster and those who played last year will be much better this year. I'm just concerned that last year the same things were being said about both lines going into camp and were proved accurate nearly every game of the season.

Can't disagree with you there, Ock. I certainly hope some of the unknowns we've signed are a pleasant surprise because if not we could be in serious trouble. I'm really looking forward to going out to camp a few times just to get a look at what some of these guys can do.

I believe four more spots until we hit 75. Currently, I think we have 9 NI's that don't count against the training camp roster.

Not Lawrence Taylor, but oh, I don't know, maybe Dexter Manley?

LMAO! Well played, my friend. I'm thinking I might actually try to make it out to rookie camp on Thursday to see what some of these new D-line fellas can do.