D-line vs BC

I was hoping that Landry would have been ready to dress for the game tomorrow. The D-line was really coming along until Adams went down. Looks like it's time for Kirk to show us that he deserves to start. :cowboy:

Not a big fan of Kirk. But hey i wasnt a big fan of Garrett or anyone else on the D Line for that matter and look what they showed me.

Kirk showed some good flashes against Montreal last week. A couple times he got past the best OL in the CFL and was in hot pursuit of Calvillo but Calvillo has a quick release.

They will not be the same with Adams out. I hope they are still able to get the job done. If not, it could be a long night for the linebackers and secondary.

I felt the D-line was a little suspect myself, but we'll see what the next guy in line can do.

watching Adams collapse the pocket and stuff the run has been a real treat, I can only hope we keep him under contract for many years to come.

Does anybody know what his injury is? did it happen in MTL? or was it a practice injury, and how long is he expected out?

we still haven't heard anything about Long either, and when he's expected to return.

I'm pretty sure they are listing Adams as day to day with a lower body (I think I heard it was the knee) injury.

I believe Long has been listed on the depth chart for Friday's game, so he is no longer on the injured list.

8) Yes Adams inury happened in the Montreal game.
  It is a knee injury and he will be out anywhere from2 to 6 weeks  !!!