D-line thoughts?

Was that not the best game from our D-line in quite some time?

Totally agree Ofan...the D-line was awesome.
The future looks really bright for this group. They have to be the youngest D-line in the league so they're going to get better and better. Also, Khari Long was out of the lineup and he's a real force out there. :cowboy:

EVERYONE had the D-Line as the potential weakness on the team.

Kudos to Obie, he knew what he was doing all along!

Slow down it's only been three games

Major kudos are also owing to Greg Marshall.

Look, Fred Reid was rambling all over the place in the first half.....................but the Cats totally shut him down in the second half. Marshall made the right halftime adjustments..................

The Cats really shut down the run in the second half.

The first half the run D looked a little bit shakey.

They looked good but I think you have to remember who we played. Winnipeg is going to run the ball as much as possible and Lefors wasn't looking downfield all nite.

I think a true test of our dline and defense as a whole will be this Thursday in Montreal.

This week we looked the best but it was against a bad team and it's only the 3rd week.