D-Line not going to miss MB!?

Just watched sportsnet connected this evening and it sounded like Lloyd or maybe it was Jones, had a few things to say about MB showing disrespect to the defence by not protecting the ball and not caring. Did anyone else see this or read about it anywhere because I missed most of the story I'd like to hear what he had to say about it.

i know nothing of this interview but if i could see one of the two doing it, it was Llyod :stuck_out_tongue:

a fairly important member of the defense told me that he wished DD was playing instead of MB. That was all I needed to hear.

I was watching that too and saw the interview with him. It was Maurice Lloyd who they were interviewing. I won’t quote anything from the interview as I can’t remember it exact but he basically said that the d can only do so much and cn’t be on the field all the time. He also said that Bishop would act like he didn’t care about they defence by the way he played. Either by not taking care of the ball or throwing stupid interceptions. He wasn’t letting the momentum from the denfence swing into the offence. He said he didn’t respect the defense and in return the defense wasn’t into the games because of him. Also on TSN or maybe that same show (I was flipping channels) Miller said about the release of Bishop that they weren’t going down that path again and that they tried to be patient with him but he could never be consistent like they had hoped. I did manage to find this article that has most of the quotes from the interview along with Miller and Kitwuna (he made a brief comment on this page). Hope this helps!

[url=http://www.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/news/story.html?id=2c5e4d07-4a2a-4206-bf9a-d4920f0fabe9]http://www.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/ ... 920f0fabe9[/url]

Thanks dengilc,thats exaclty the interview from sportsnet. Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

"He was a good man off the field,''

"On the field I didn't like the way he carried himself after turnovers. Everyone praised him for the Winnipeg game (on Sept. 7) and he did a wonderful job but we had guys who could move the ball down the field. When you have that many turnovers ... it gets very frustrating.''

"You can play against the deaf, blind and the homeless and you will never win game with (seven) turnovers,'' Lloyd said. "We got frustrated on defence because of the way he played and we worked our behinds off against one of the top offensive teams in the league. Then to turn the ball over after we got a two-and-out like you just don't care? That disrespects the defensive players because we are working so hard. Try holding on to the ball and doing the best you can. Offence is supposed to score and the defence is supposed to stop. We can only do so much.''

I feel Mo is justified in his comments and I do agree with him as well. I am not surprised that the Defence got sick of trying to bail Bishop out.

Mo is an emotional guy. You know from listening to him speak and watching him play that he wants to win. :thup:

I don't think anybody on the team really liked Bishop anyways. I agree with Mo, the D fought so hard to keep us in that last game, and every time Bishop took the field he would give the ball right back to the Lions. So, the D got very little rest. This can be frustrating not only for the players, but the fans as well.

Yeah, i read that in The Star Phoenix this morning

While I can understand the feelings about Bishop.....the part of that article that scares me is the last statement from Miller. The riders aren't going to look for a starter.....they now want to develop what they have. Next year will be long year trying to develop Durant and Jyles given the limited playing time they had this season.

Didnt this happen? 2 weeks ago Riders d gave up 3 tds to Toronto in the 1st quarter.

Miller gave Bishop a chance. To much of a chance last week. and I have been a Bishop backer. I was wrong. But I dont like players talking about other players in the paper. I bet Miller doesnt like it.