D-Line is horrible

They didn't get a sniff of Glenn all night. I don't think a lineman made 1 tackle on Roberts. It was pathetic. That's the number 1 reason we lost. Not the OC. Ritchie made a couple costly mistakes but that happens sometimes. Not getting any pressure week after week is killing this team.

A sound argument.

Losing Rontarius Robnison hurt us. Manning looked inneffective again.

Take away Richie's coslty mistakes and that's 23 points Winnipeg scored.

hence, bombers pick up our blitz and bingo roberts is sprung on the screen.
gosh, wish we used a screen once in awhile.

Great Post ..
We need DL Help Bad..
I am Being Saying this Since Camp.
Obie late hire did not help us when finding these guys.
Now we have wait and See what they Find in NFL Cuts.

we lost a lot of the game in the trenches..where are a lot of games are indeed lost, add the costly mistakes game over

Obie late hire did help us when finding these guys. Now we have wait and See what they Find in NFL Cuts.
8) Obie was hired in December of last year Tom. That is not really a late hire.
 He had all winter to recruit some decent D linemen !!!

is it or scheme or talent or both?

A Bit both I am Afraid to say

With an Earlier higher like Right after the Grey cup
This would have Helped.

see that's part of the problem in the past and maybe with obie in charge he could oversee all that.
it's been a revolving door of player and coaches here in the last 4-5 years.
you'll never built chemistry this way.

our d line suc.ks but our o line is just as bad. they were all over williams on almost every play.

I don't think you can blame the O-line too much. It's hard to pass-block when every passing play takes 4 seconds to get off, the OC has no hot reads or quick-passing game to get the D to back off, and the receivers rarely help the QB out when pressure comes.


The Truth is there hot read
a lot times it the HB.
But also When Ritchie Scrambles they not following the Scramble rules set by Marcel.

That the WR Coaches Fault.

You also need a QB who can read the defensive play. AND get the ball off within 2.5 seconds.

Kinda like Danny McMannus, eh?

the danny mac/flutie/grigg/amerson combo was defintiely under appreciated by some in this city at the end.

True enough, but I really believe both Williams and Printers have the ability to release faster than what they're currently showing. They have to be in the right system and have the right play called at the line, though. Also, if the receivers don't read blitz at the line and break off their routes, it's all for naught. The QB has to have a target.

Danny also wasn't afraid to get rid of the ball in a crunch and avoid a sack.

The D-Line is the weakest part of the team. QB's have all day to pass against us, and RB's routinely break through our line without even an arm tackle attempt. Obie has done a good job rebuilding our LB's, secondary and he has also found a few potentially good receivers. But until he finds four new starting pass rushers, we will continue to let teams score at will against us.

Don't blame Creehan. He doesn't have the horses.

ahhhhh the days of #53 kicking ass ....those were the days....#9 NML he is the man :thdn: