D Line getting thin

The Tiger Cats have released defensive linemen Crable and Basped. Will the Tiger Cats pick someone else up or do they go with what they currently have on the rooster. Peach has proven he is not an 18 game player so it may be a matter time before he is dinged up again. Do the Tiger Cats know something we don't know? Is Hickman or Thigpen coming back or is there a monster about to be signed? Is Arron Hunt on his way here? I like the current D Line, but they need some competent back ups. Any thoughts?

I think this team does not like spending money on veterans at the tailend of their career ( Burris the exception )
That is why they let Baggs go and why they did not pick up Anwar Stewart or Boulay at safety and that is why they won't sign HUNT ...they also let Coburne go and Belton Johnson to save money

I think they just realized that Bourdeaux and Peach and Mcleveen are better Defensive Ends then the guys they let go in Crable and the other guy ..We still have 5 import Dlinemen and on eon the reserve list

in my eyes they have already spent their money on Fantuz and Burris and Cortez so they won't be spending a great deal more

Tisdale, Rey Williams , Peach , Hage, Jamal and Markieth all must make decent money too

Right now they are probably getting players like Bucker, Bourdeaux , Ronnel Brown , Chevon Walker , Dile at a pretty cheap rate

Yes. :wink:

Even if Hickman or Hunt aren't on the way, there are probably other good players on the radar who Obie/Cortez expect to be available soon. As Drew's blog reminded us, the Cats have a bye next week. If the Cats were planning to cut these guys anyway, there's no sense giving them the bye week off and then firing them when they come back. NFL camps open this week, so interesting negotiation list players may become available in short order. And unless we suffer significant injuries on the line against the Riders Saturday, any guys we bring in probably wouldn't make the 42-man for our next game (two weeks away) anyway. The bye is also an extra week of rest/recovery for any guys who suffer minor dings.

Remember that the league has a salary cap. Every dollar you sink into an albatross like Stevie Baggs is a dollar that is not free to be allocated to improve the same or another position. The logic is the same on every team in the CFL: if you are a player getting paid top dollar, you need to be that much better than the next guy. The more players you can have on the club with a high ratio of performance/salary, the more cap room you have for bringing in elite difference-makers. While the club hasn't always had success in choosing which high-ticket players to open the vault for, the overall strategy is sound.

I agree with you.

It’s interesting to see Stevie Baggs described as an albatross. I agree with your assessment of his release; it just strikes me funny how a lot of people (not you) expressed shock and disappointment when he was released–Obie doesn’t know what he’s doing, the team isn’t vet friendly, etc-- and a short time later he can be described as you have done and no one objects.

Maybe football managers do know a fair bit about how to do their jobs after all. Plus ça change…