D-line for Saturday

Just wondering if anyone’s been down to practise this week and noticed who was playing with the first team D-line. :cowboy:

8) According to Drew Edwards, it would appear that both McIntrye and Adams will not make the trip
  to Edmonton.  Neither one of them has practiced this week.

  Khari Long will likely replace McIntrye at DE, and Montez Murphy and Matt Kirk will fill in for Adams
  at DT.

Anybody know what's wrong with Darrell? He has really grown into an effective D-lineman and I'd hate to see him out for long.

Adams was limping quite noticeably in the third quarter of the Rider game. Me thinks he came back too soon. He was rather ineffective the entire game. You can't play if you're not healthy and the depth at DTackle looks slim at best. We need a Mike Philbrick -type tackle who can play like a nose tackle. Maybe Reed can do the job. :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

You can bet Ed will run the ball at us because of our patched up DLine.

I hope Obie comes up with some tough D Linemen when the NFL cuts down. We need someone who can put the run on the opposition QB and catch him sometimes.

8) Unfortunately not too many guys like Mike Phillbrick come around too often.
 The Cats have actually never replaced Mike, who was a stud on the DLine, and required double-
  teaming most of the time by the opposition !!

  We have never had such a dominating, Canadian DT since he retired  !!!

   I can still remember him playing, broken hand, and all, with that huge cast on it  !!!

Ah, I have very fond memories of the Philbrick Club. Imagine a Guard having to contend with THAT thing coming towards his head...