D-Line Dominates

Finally, we might have corrected the D-Line problems with the addition of Davis and Puguese. This game was the perfect demonstration what a solid D-line can do for the team. It all starts at the line and affects the whole defense. They shut down all of Edmonton's quite potent running backs and absolutely punished all 3 of their QBs. Joseph and Jyles were off their game and started making errant throws which helped us get some turnovers. This in turn gives the offense a chance to get rolling and our defense to rest up. The lopsided victory is the result.

This should have been addressed in the off-season and we could have had a better record right now. But it's still not too late to salvage the season.

Let's hope they can keep this up. :smiley:

So I guess Creehan's schemes and his coaching are not the problem.

Watching 'Inside the Locker Room' on TSN's website after today's game and it was good to see that after Dee Webb received the game ball for the defence he passed it off and credited his coach Creehan with the ball.

I am glad to see this because I would have to assume that although the team lost 5 in a row, these guys believe in the system and they just hit a rough patch which caused some friction. But with an overall team win the team knows the talent that is on this team and they know they shouldn't be 4-7.

One game at a time boys - keep it going!

It was part of the problem. But I noticed that we blitzed a lot more today, and it worked.

Yes, they blitzed on occasion. And they actually blitzed from the DB & Safety position at times.

But mostly, this was a big step in the way of respectability for a much maligned, beleaguered & criticized group.

Good for them.

I'll gladly accept a questionable roughing the passer call here & there if it means energized, aggressive, passionate play from our guys in the trenches.

Tip of the cap to the fellas with jerseys #'s starling with 9!

Interestingly, Rey Williams gives the defensive game ball to Webb, who in turn hands it to Creehan.

It was the D-Line that led to way to victory today. Creehan also used more blitz packages.

Last year Obie sent Wally a talented yet disgruntled player after their fifth straight loss. This year Wally returned the favour.

I believe that Davis and Pegeuse could be key additions to this team if they continue to play like they did today.
Pegeuse's pressure helped Peach as well which is key.

With the D-line's great play today it made helped the linebackers and secondary huge.

The only thing I would like to see now is, what would the addition of Knowlton be like? And I would like to see the newly acquired Colclough get action in replace of Graham. Graham looked out of place in my opinion (maybe why he was released by Sask.)....

Another defensive player who played a solid good game was linebacker Brock Campbell. Impressive!!!

Good to see some hitting and aggressive tackling for a change. One game does not a season make. The problem the last few years is that the Cats are inconsistent. When they want to they have shown they can play, sadly all too often they don't bring their hearts to the games. We need to play this way each and every week.

BTW still have the hot dogs strolling to the end zone, hanging the ball out to be batted away, diving when it is not necessary. These things can result in, tackles before the endzone, aka CW, fumbles, and injuries. Just run the ball in quickly as possible and get it over.

I must admit that I was one of the "Creehan Bashers." I take none of it back just yet. If you think about last season,
the Cats played hot and cold. I sincerely hope that this will not be the case this year. For me, the jury is still out
on Creehan. If the defense continues to play as they did yesterday, I would be happy to apologize for my oversight
and mus-judgement.

On the positive side, I really enjoyed watching our defense destroy a pretty good team yesterday and look forward
to more of the same. :thup:

The Defense rests....

I think the thing to watch will be consistency , this team looked real good early in the season and suddenly changed and look like a totally different team. A lot of players start to get very home sick at this time of the year. It will be up to some very home sick coaches to keep them focused on the goal ahead of winning games. :wink: :thup: