D-line depth: Lions add Betts, Richardson

VANCOUVER — The BC Lions have added some d-line depth, with the signings of National Mathieu Betts and American Steven Richardson.

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I was hoping for Ja’Gared Davis but Richardson should be a good addition.

I predict that you will love the toaster oven.

Pretty big to be called a toaster oven, but he has toasted some opponents, all right.

Nothing against his play but Bomber fans decided to downgrade his nickname after he decided to leave.

So you were complimenting him & insulting him at the same time, no wonder I didn't get it😉. He's only a young buck so given the way bodies fly around this league you may get him back someday, just like we did with Purifoy, so keep his old nickname handy.

Naw. It was playful. There has to be some kind of penalty for leaving the Bombers, even if it is only verbal. So toaster oven it is. But you will love him and I wish him all the best. I have nothing against him at all. He was an integral part of two GC wins for us, especially the second one. I’m thinking the new nickname will have say a one year expiry date and then all will be forgotten.

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I'm pretty sure the CFLPA prohibits flogging so verbal is your only choice. We'll leave the physical abuse for the field( the more the merrier there).

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