D-Line Coach

I am still shaling my head over the recent hiring of Mike Scheper! I don’t know Mike and I don’t have anything against him except his lack of experience coaching at a high level. There is also the matter of his total lack of experience on the defensive side of things. Can you imagine the day when this man has to step up to Schultz and tell him that his technique is wrong? Why not someone like a Bobby Jurasin whom the players would have immense respect for? Someone who actually knows what playing on the d-line is all about in this leaque. Such a hiring probablly would have sold a few more game tickets to boot! I’m Interested in hearing others thoughts on this.

Mike Scheper is a Peculiar hiring to say the least
At college he played as an offensive lineman and has zero coaching experience on D side .

Him and Etch may be connected, as they are from the same general area of Southern Cal.

Totally agree about Bobby Jurasin, he's even hinted about a desire to coach here.....Bobby J. could light a fire under anyones arse and get respect doing it......

Etch has a definite game plan though and he must feel Mike Scheper will be a good fit........Good luck to him.

Etcheverry defenses haven't fared so well in the past few years. Good luck, Riders!

I am not overly concerned about whether he has experience on the d or o side. It is interesting though that Kavis Reed, who has until now been a defencive specialist, will also move to the opposite side and coach offence. But a good coaching mind can make that adjustment.

Never concerned, just curious as to what Etch/ET like about Mike Scherper. Personally i think it's more of a buddy hiring another buddy as opposed to Mikes experience.......Nothing wrong with that though.

Lions: Mike Roach. D-Line coach.Prior to BC spent 26 years coaching various defensive positions.

Stamps: Cornell Brown. 2 seasons NFLE as D-L coach. Prior,2007 Virginia Tech Hokies D-L coach.

Eskimos: Jim Daley. 1976- 2009 pretty much nothing but D.

Tiger Cats: John Kropke. 2007-2008 D-L coach. 2005 Bomber D-Line coach. Started career as LB coach at Illinois Eureka Collage in 2001.

Alouettes: Mike Sinclair. 2007 D-L coach NFLE Hamburg. Began career as assistant D-L coach with West Texas A&M. Spent 12seasons in NFL at DE

Argos: Rex Norris.1970-2006 nothing but D-Line positions, such as 1994 Broncos, 95-98 Oilers, 99-02 Bears, 04-06 NFLE Admirals

Riders: Mike Scherper. 1st year Rider. 1st year as a D-Line coach anywhere.
Prior. O-Line assistant Fresno State
Prior.2 year O-line/ RB coach at Glendale Community Collage.
Prior to coaching, Played O-lineman at Utah State...

I agree with your point, however, due to contractual obligations at Northen Michigan and family considerations, Bobby can't/won't do it at this time. He has however expressed interest in doing so once his kids are done high school. So who knows, maybe then?

I know I don't want BJ. I'd prefer to remember him as the fine player he was, early to mid-career with the Riders. Not the mentally unstable guy obsessed with staying, despite wearing out his welcome. And definately not as a coach here. He belongs in Michigan.

I can't believe what I'm hearing. I have never known anyone to ever describe Bobby as being mentally unstable. He is The Rider's all time sack leader and the CFL's third all time sack leader! In his final campaign in Saskatchewan (which was his twelvth) he was named All-Western Defensive End as well as All Canadian Defensive End! Hardly someone who had "worn out his welcome" In 2006 Bobby was inducted into the Canadian Football League Hall Of Fame! He remains one of the most beloved players of all time in Saskatchewan. He will always be regarded as one of the greatest Roughriders!

I'll tell you right now if Bobby comes back to riderville that'll be the day i got buy a Riders Jersey with 71 and Jurasin on it.

Is nothing sacred anymore, eh? :frowning:

I am sorry if it offends you, I truly am, but it’s true. He was released the off-season after that all-western year, and if you need someone more official to confirm his instability in the years following ask Al Ford or Tom Sheppard in an off-the-record format.

To my detriment at times, I say things that offend people, but the truth hurts sometimes. I don’t like to pull any punches with anything I do. And please don’t tell me I wanted it to end that way. As a mentioned I was a biiig fan of his game, and I wore the doo-rag just like you did. I’m just not going to paint the picture objectively and ignore the truth.