Yes there are many reasons why we are 0-2. I don't want to argue about which is more important - but it is plain to see that our D-Line has not been getting the pressure that we would expect from this bunch. How much time did AC have to set up? This was a group that gave up sacks like they were free last year, we should have been all over him.

I want to see Walls, Canada, Brown and Haywood wrecking havoc today, and the rest of the team can feed off them. Come on boys, step up to the plate!

...i said in another thread...there's something wrong in Bomberville...its quite obvious now.. :wink:

whats that papa our entire freaking team is wrong right now. not one aspect of our team showed up yesterday. made one or 2 good defensive stops iun the second and the refs called 2 penalties that weren;t there. now i don;t blame them our team played absolutly brutal but an illegal contact when not 1 reciever was touched just can't be called. our entire team need to step up and start playing so god dam football.